A course of Making Reports and TV. Programs Photographing report

A course of Making Reports and TV. Programs Photographing report

  For the purpose of keeping up media development and scientific activity, where the University holds a large amount of activities and media events at the university every day which led to the expanding and deepening of the media work, therefore the university plans ,and in accordance with the strategic perspective, to create media cadres of high professionalism, including the establishment of the training course of making reports and television programs for officials of Al-Jami’ya satellite station’s offices in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which has been held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein ,president of Baghdad University , at the Central Library Hall in Baghdad University .It has lasted more than two weeks including the curriculum and the lessons of theory and practical, as well as laboratory applications of digital media technologies. Director of the Al-Jami’ya channel Office Prof. Dr. Abdulbassit Salman has organized the course and in coordination with Mr. Administrative Assistant Professor Dr. Riadh Khalil, who provided adirect support to establish the course and has attended the meetings of the preparations and the settings of the course for two successive months.

  The course has included intensive training programs and senior and scholars of media and television specialist has been participated including Prof. Dr. Matthew Paul professor of television programs , Dr AbdulKhaliq Shaker professor of cinematography , Dr. Suhad Al-Qaisi, a professor of public relations , Dr. Ahmed AbdelAal , the ex-University Director of Information , Dr. Mohamed AbdulJabbar , professor of Montage Film , Ms. Marilyn Ishu ,professor of recitation and sound and television broadcasting , as well as Prof. Hamid Zughayyar , General manager of Al-Jami’a satellite channel .The participants have been provided with brochures and programs of curriculum of the training course for free. On the first day of the course, Dr. Suhad Al-Qaisi has delivered a lecture in writing television text entitled “Pedagogy of media discourse” and has discussed the importance of pedagogy in writing television text and how to convey the information to the recipient and methods of persuasion .The lectures included discussions with many questions about the foundations of media development and how to deal with various layers of society and how to write a report that goes with what its objectivity. Then Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman has conducted practical applications of television text writing. On the second day Professor Hamid Zughayyar has delivered a lecture on the successful television program specifications, during the lecture Dr Abdulbassit has participated in employing techniques to prepare TV programs as well as creating mechanisms on the preparation of reports and successful television programs . Professor Hamid has presented the ways to conduct a report and the successful program and the competition in the era of the large number of satellite channels and how to keep the audience feeling entertained , expressing his great delight of this elite of the participants and his hope to upgrade the media level of Baghdad University and Al-Jami’ya Channel in order to provide a nice picture about the educational level of the university and to cover activities in the corridors of the university.

  Professor of Film Montage, Dr. Mohammed AbdulJabbar has presented a theoretical and practical lectures of filming montage and chipping photographs for reports and news programs, and has explained how to work and install the report or TV program with an explanation of how to work on “Adobe Premiere software” (Adobe Premiere) explaining in details all the processes and mechanisms of this global Montege program where the world largest media organizations follow in the montage of news reports,and television programs . Dr. Abdulbassit has conducted and in line with the theoretical and practical lectures an implementation of virtual TV report and has implemented directly in front of the participants to learn the secrets of the profession.

  TV media professor and program broadcasting Marilyn Esho has provided theoretical and practical lectures of the characteristics and skills of the broadcaster and has dealt in details the explanation of the importance of broadcaster and his major role in the success of the TV report, programs ,his qualities and skills that qualify him and she has stressed the importance of preparing before entering the studio and the big idea and knowledge of the dialogue that is going on between the broadcaster and the guest to know the guest’s personality and organize the time of the dialogue. Then the participants have been taken to the fields of productive and satellite broadcasting, where Dr. Abdulbassit Salman has escorted all the participants to the studios of the college of Fine Arts and Al-Jam’ya channel, in a scientific and practical trip , and has met the leading artists and media professionals and specialists in television, including Prof. Dr. Matthew Paul, who delivered a lecture at directing , Dr. Adel Shakir who explained the origins and traditions of filming media work and according to international standards, as well as Dr. Ahmed Abdelaal briefed on the mechanics of the output of directing and media display . Dr. Mohammed AbdulJabbar has conducted in professional montage studios of the College of Fine Arts the applications, the lectures also included practical applications on the boards of studio keys, TV. cameras and equipment of the picture and photosynthesis blending .The participants also has also met Al-Jam’ya channel Professor AbdulJalil, engineer and Montier and director Ihsan al-Fadhli, as well as General manager of the channel Professor Hamid Zughayyar as well s Mr. Ahmed the coordinator director of the channel with some broadcasters. In a practical application to broadcast a virtual television news with cameras and equipment of Al-Jam’ya channel, after reviewing all the devices and technologies in the studiosl with clarification and explanation of how to work within the studio and dealing with technology and television equipments, and was also explain the traditions and norms of professional followed in the work of the channel.

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