MP Al-Fatlawi Adopts constructing our University’s small Bridge

MP Al-Fatlawi Adopts constructing our University’s small Bridge

  Because of the movement of a number of colleges to Al-Jadiriya complex and the numbers of the staff and reviewers are increasing day after day, which would require an urgent need to find new outlets and multiple gates for the entry and exit of students. With these consequences a concrete small bridge that connects the university with Al-Karkh directly through Lake of Al- Jadiriya is the solution. The university has sought to achieve this important small bridge which will ease the traffic on many areas of Baghdad, not only the University of Baghdad.

  Where the university has put the designs and plans , but the project did not conduct for many reasons.Today the MP doctor Hanan Al-Fatlawi adopts this important small bridge through her personal follow-up with the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

  Then she has paid a visit to our university including the colleges of Engineering and Agriculture in Al- Jadiriya complex, to get to know and look at the scientific level in the university .She was accompanied by the Scientific Assistant of Scientific Affairs Assistant Professor Dr. Osama Fadhel Abdullatif and instructor Engineer Bassim Hameed Jreimid ,director of the website of the University, and Mr. Dean of the college of Engineering Prof. Dr. Ahmed AbdulSahib Muhammad Ali who was the first to receive her and Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs Dr. Haydar Makkiya and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Amal Al-Saidi. The MP has made a tour in the Department of petroleum Engineering and has seen the conditions of the students and their studying needs , and after a discussion with some students and faculty members , the MP Dr Hanan Al-Fatlwai has adopted the supplying of some requirements in coordination with the Ministry of Oil for scientific laboratory devices that effectively contribute to the development of the scientific level of the student and the University .She has also listened to the opinions of the students and their problems and has promised to find appropriate solutions as much as possible.

  After that she went to the College of Agriculture and Dr. Shaker Al-Attar, Dean of the College of Agriculture has received her with his Assistants and a number of the heads of research units .The MP has conducted a field trip in the college and has seen the buildings and departments .The Dean of the college has initiated a speech on the foundation of the college and its development with the most important obstacles faced by the college in the beginning and its achievements that are made shortly . The students at the university has greeted Dr. Al-Fatlawi with great hospitality due to her great popularity in the Iraqi Parliament , and her explicit and objective views . The scientific Assistant , Deans of Engineering and Agriculture colleges have thanked Al- Fatlawi for her interest with students and education. She has thanked all attendees expressing her full readiness in supporting any humanitarian project that serves the society or the educational movement. The University website has accompanied Dr. Hanan Al-Fatlwai and has documented the visit with a set of photographs .

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