Improve and update the curricula of College of Medicine

Improve and update the curricula of College of Medicine

  Due to the fact that the health situation is considered the basis for the growth of communities, the university continues contacting with the latest findings of a global developments in this area through the hosting of the world’s top medical institutions and senior scientists and professors from the advanced universities in the world as well as through delegating a large number of professors to scientific workshops , conferences and scientific demonstrations. With these trends, the university has contained many of the developments and improvements to provide the technologies and advanced equipments, especially in the field of medical groups where it has provided the plastinian bodies as well as smart boards ,a large amount of communication networks with the major international universities by “sharing ” and “TV conference” with providing the best references and scientific sources.

  Dr. Alaa Abdulhussain, President of Baghdad University has met a group of professors from the college of Medicine / University of Baghdad and the planning committee supervising the application of new scientific curricula to discuss many topics related to the realized achievements and some of the difficulties that the education encounters as well as he has a look at many of the data brought by the scientific team which represents many of the developments and improvements brought by the college in the past period.He also discussed the important topics in the field of training and holding workshops inside and outside Iraq for upgrading the medical education.

  The mechanism of participating in international conferences in medical education and the preparation of laboratory skills with high standard mechanisms for training students before practicing on patients have been also discussed, then the professors expressed their cooperation and their seriousness in adopting many of the ideas that have been discussed. The Assistant Professor Dr. Hilal Bahjat Al-Saffar , Director of medical Education unit / college of Medicine / university of Baghdad, to our website in an interview that the presidency of the university has shown cooperation and seriousness in the development and modernization of curricula and scientific laboratories and there is an understanding and great response, especially from Mr. President about the nature of our work, which as everyone knows its sensitivity and nature to deal with a human life.

  Because of the old curriculum that has not witnessed real changes, and the fact that it is a copy of the curriculum of Edinburgh Medical College in the United Kingdom,which had changed the curriculum for more than ten years. So, it becomes necessary to think seriously to update the curricula of the college of Medicine of Baghdad. This idea was in March 2010, after discussing the subject with Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azri, psychiatricconsultant, at British university of Lester, where it was agreed to submit a request to the British scientific Council (British council) to adopt and fund this idea. In October 2010 , this project was approved in collaboration with the British University of Nottingham. Consequently, two sets of contact have been set between the two universities: college of Medicine of Baghdad university represented by Assistant Professor Dr. Hilal Bahjat al-Saffar, the coordinater; Prof. Dr. Walid Mustafa, the scientific assistant at that time , and Assistant Professor Dr. Batool Ali Ghalib Yassin, the Nottingham University is represented by Prof. Dr. Najat Khalifa, the coordinator and Prof. Dr. Burkett Volm and Dr. Raj Dink, a professor of medical education.Then an Agreement has been signed by the college of Medicine /Baghdad university, Dr. Fadhel Alkhafaji- dean of the college at that time and assistant professor Dr. Hilal Al-Saffar, the coordinator and a member of the British side, Prof. Dr. Hugh Jones and Prof. Dr. Burkett Volm. The website team has accompanied and documented this meeting with a set of photographs.

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