November, 2014

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November, 2014

Starting of the Activities of Second International Scientific Conference of the Institute of Genetic Engineering

  Under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the presence of the President of University of Baghdad professor Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Abdulrasul ,the Genetic Engineering and biogenic techniques of graduate studies in the University of Baghdad has held its second international conference .The Conference has begun with recitation from the Glorious Quran and then the opening speech of the conference has been delivered by the President of the University Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Abdulrasul , representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, at which he has welcomed the attendees wishing the success, and then Mr. Dean of the Institute of genetic Engineering Prof. Dr. Abdulhussein al-Faisal has delivered a speech.

  Where the grand central hall of celebrations (Al-Hakim Hall) has witnessed over two successive days the starting of the Second International Scientific Conference of the Institute of Genetic Engineering and biogenic techniques that came under the slogan “The university scientific research is in the service of society,” which has discussed the role of genetic engineering in the diagnosis of diseases and syndromes. The first subjects of the conference has began by playing the national anthem and then reading verses from the Glorious Quran.

  Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Abdulrasul , representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has welcomed the great combination of professors, researchers and guests who were guests of the mother, university of Baghdad, where the university president stressed the work and seriousness in taking scientific steps to embodied the provided researches and not to leave the outputs of such researches be on the shelves because the basis of these meetings and conferences is a society. He also has urged that communication and teamwork between researchers from the University of Baghdad with foreign and participated countries should continue and to work together under the recommendations that will come out in this conference. The Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference Prof. Dr. Abdulhussein al-Faisal, the dean of Genetic Engineering Institute has delivered a speech where he has thanked all the audience of scientists and researchers from universities, scientific institutions and relevant ministries from both inside and outside Iraq for accepting the invitation and participating in this conference, which aims to highlight the important things that affect the lives of the Iraqi society and keep the developments occurring in the field of diagnosis of diseases and syndromes and follow up the developments taking place on the diagnosis level.He also has thanked the Arab and foreign guests who have held the trouble of traveling.

  The dean Al- Faisal has added at the beginning of his speech the most important achievements of the Institute saying, “I am pleased and honored to be called in the academia medium that we are the jewel of the University of Baghdad, as the institute effectively contributed to get the world rankings through publishing more than 80 scientific papers globally at the impact factor journals in less than two years.” Al-Faisal has also referred to three patents in one year in the field of extraction of DNA with a single step and a very standard time and identifying the abnormal gene expression in an innovative chromosome. Furthermore ,the researchers have reached to devise a new class of wheat in Iraq recently as well as globally , our registration for more than (30) genetic sequence in well-known International Sites such as EMBL, NCBI .I would also like to announce that the Institute has succeeded in producing a number for the extraction of DNA and we will send those samples products to some university and medical laboratories ,standardization device and quality control in order to be provided cheaply, as well as we would like to inform your that we have a distinctive website which gains the first rank in the university and we have an electronic archive for all dissertations and theses that were completed at the Institute since its foundation till now and we have also an accredited scientific journal from the UNESCO.

  He has concluded his speech wishing the guests good luck and lasting success in science service and has greeted our heroic Iraqi army and police and the crowd folk and the noble Arab tribes.

  The scientific halls in the Central Library have witnessed on the first day of the start of the conference to discuss and review many diverse researches regarding cancer diseases, which the names of the research titles are : (assess the frequency of mutations of the fetus K-ras and P53 in Iraqi women with ovarian cancer, measurement of nucleic acids salivary minute Ribah ( has – 200 , has -amiR- and has-miR-93 has-miR-125a ) as a life indicator of the epithelial cells of oral cancer, molecular localization of gene expression for the leak of Eistein bar and a gene that suppresses cancerous Rb in tumor prostate and benign stromal, assessing the status of PIK3CA in breast cancer and its relationship to the expression of gene of ER, PR and HER- 2 in Iraqi women patients, screening for the genetic changes K-ras in codons 13/12 and 61 with breast Iraqis cancer patients, molecular description and enzymatic of enzyme FOX of Pittalaktames product of clinical isolates of bacteria Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from Najaf hospitals, comparative study of the molecular and immunological between diabetic patients with type I and 2 , the effect of expression of multiple resistance gene MDR1 and its relationship with the multiplicity of site models C1236T in Iraqi patients with acute leukemia myeloid, factor derived from and the growth factor of vascular endothelial in diabetic retinopathy, detecting gene CTX-M1 in isolates of Klebsiella pneumonia in the province of Najaf, evaluation of some genetic factors in patients with pneumonia joints in Iraq, relationship stimulating hormone vesicles FSH by the number of skin lines of the fingerprints in the sample (PCO) of multiple ovary bags syndrome, a genetic study of some bacterial etiology in people with rheumatoid eye and investigate the prevalence of the gene SEA, the relationship between the age of mother, father and tests of cellular and molecular abnormalities in Iraqi children with Down syndrome, multiple models of gene coding heat shock protein 70-2 hsp in urinary bladder cancer) The second day of the conference completed the first day in reviewing the submitted scientific researches by the involved researchers which dealt with the diagnosis of pathogens in (methylation gene p16 in Iraqi patients with colorectal adenomas and rectum, evaluating small tests cores nuclear division coefficient and migrainous Alkromatidi in lymph cells of human blood in local samples from Tuwaitha- Iraq , molecular diagnosis of bacteria Proteus mirabilis using Albulmra PCR technique among patients with urinary tract infections, molecular characterization of isolates of Staphylococcus aureus resistant to methicillin gained from society and isolated from clinical samples in Iraq, a comparative study between the screening of serological and molecular methods in order to detect filtrates of hepatitis (HBV) and (HCV) in patients with chronic renal failure in Nineveh -Iraq , a study of genetic mutations in a gene FLT / ITD for some Iraqi patients with acute blood with natural cell leukemia, an assessment of tumor gene protein bcr-abl/ P190 have some Iraq patients with lymphatic leukemia , immunological indicators HLA-linked DRB1, DQB disorders of the thyroid gland in a sample of Iraqi patients, detect anti-DNA HBC and HVB in blood donor samples non-container the surface antigen leaky hepatitis B in the Central Blood Bank in Mosul, , molecular detection of parasite Altoxollazma (Toxoplasmosis ) in serum samples of sheep, the impact of polluted environment in cellular divisions chicken embryos.

  At the conclusion of the proceedings of the Second Scientific Conference the researchers have come out with the following recommendations:

  1. Emphasis on the study of pathological family history because it may be the only way to diagnose many diseases with Mendelian genetics.
  2. Legacies study at the molecular level in order to diagnose diseases and identify mutations types and to identify the people holding the disease who do not show any symptoms of the disease in the early stages.
  3. The production of drugs capable to target cancer cells by its distinction at the molecular level, which reduces the possibility of targeting healthy cells.
  4. Create especial databases of the results of Iraqi researches in this field .
  5. Training the people concerned with this specialization on the latest techniques of genetic diagnosis and contribute to the researches related to genetics at the province level and the establishment of training programs for the various disciplines of genetics.
  6. The establishment of the Department of Genetic Medicine, or the establishment of the unit of heredity at least in each hospital under the framework of genetic diagnosis to be the nucleus for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of genetic diseases and the establishment of information unit and its statistics in the region and prepare for the programs of early screening of infants for genetic diseases so that all births will be examined for these diseases.
  7. There is an urgent need to build a genetic profile of each patient of cancer before his exposure to doses of chemotherapy because of differences in the genetic changes and genetic variability.
  8. An interest in studies related to common diseases between animals and humans by increasing the researches because of its relationship to increasing epidemiological genetic diseases.
  9. Students of masters and doctoral stages should participate in scientific conferences inside and outside the country for the purpose of taking advantage to build a new generation of scientists.
  10. conduct a field survey of the population of the Al-Tuwaitha area and assess the diseases caused by radiation.

President of University Lays out Strategy for University Applications
Mechanisms to serve the government institutions and private sector academically

  When the students and researchers act as ambassadors – is the title which has been adopted in the first Arab –German conference which was held in Chemnitz, the German University, where our university as well as 25 university presidents in the Arab homeland and at the invitation of the Association of Arab Universities. Prof. Dr. Alaa’Abdulhussain has attended the conference in order to develop new applications and mechanisms that contribute effectively to graduating classes of students who achieve the actual service to the society and government institutions and the private sector, through the translation of studies and researches that carried out by the University in order to access practically into the labor market.

  In an interview of the website team and the university satellite channel with the university president he has explained that the conference has disclosed a lot of data and information, which are suitable solutions and effective mechanisms to find ways to carry out practical experiments which helped us in achieving our university strategy in the application of a renewed approach to integrate the university with the society .

  Dr. Alaa Hussain has explained that the plan that we set will be identical with the major international universities, including German, which we looked at in the last part of the conference and we strive to apply what fits the situation of our country which often require many quality services and scientific competencies that verify the actual service in our cities , factories and all of our serving institutions Here it must be pointed out that the conference in which we participated there has been a review of the available potentials in German universities so as to put the general academic framework of cooperation among Arab universities, including our university with German universities, and then to interpret this meeting to joint cooperation agreements with the Chemnitz University.

  We started to open centers, training and development laboratories at the university, such as laboratories or German Knauf company training center or laboratories of Chinese Huawei and there are also new centers of training and laboratories. At the conference there has been discussed the possibility of providing scholarships to students, and the opening of a joint communication channels for the exchange of students and faculty members and the publishing of joint researches and the establishment of various scientific events including conferences, seminars and workshops, to take advantage of the advanced German experience in the academic field.

Baghdad University Museum Represents an Idea and a Creativity

  Because of the ancient heritage of the university of Baghdad the idea of founding the University of Baghdad museum has emerged to record and document and preserve this great heritage .Baghdad University Museum was founded in 2007 under the guidance of the former President of the University of Baghdad, professor Dr. Musa al-Musawi and it has been rehabilitated and renovated in accordance with the technical and aesthetic standards of high quality and re-opened on 13 / 3/2013 in the era of the presidency of Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Rasul on 20/3/2013 and it has been disconnected from sport and artistic activity department and has been linked directly to the President of the University of Baghdad being aware of the importance of the museum in the university life.

  The director of the museum , assistant professor Dr.Hayder Hamid Rasheed has confirmed that the support given by the former President of the University and the recent one has a significant impact on what the museum has reached , besides the sincere efforts made by the reconstruction team of the museum to make it worthy of our University and the new look of the museum is not less than the museums of the world. This is the testimony of those who visited and see the museum .

  The museum has currently more than 300 images representing the historical stages of the University, since it was founded in 1957 and until now, arranged according to the years of the founding of its colleges , institutes and centers, and a particular side of the museum has singled out featuring historical photos of the presidency of the University including oil paintings of the presidents of the University of Baghdad since its foundation until the end of the presidency of Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi , a museum also includes a large number of historical memorabilia of the University representing different stages that are rich of scientific achievements at various levels. It also has an electronic museum which is a screen (LED) number (2) through which documentary recordings of the University of Baghdad has been displayed as well as the historical images that can not be displayed inside the halls of the museum and the electronic museum is being controlled by the room of the director of the museum across a computer that is prepared for this purpose and the museum is supplied with the Internet, which is used for the purpose of collecting documentary photos of Baghdad University and their own recordings and whatever is related to the University of Baghdad and the museum is collecting the heritage and history of the University of Baghdad.

  Baghdad University Museum is part of the project of building the historical memory of the university , it is the main memory center. The colleges, institutes and centers are the secondary memory which provides the university museum annually of all its activities for the purpose of documenting them .

  The first meeting of the liaison members of Baghdad University Museum has been held in Dr. Jawad Ali’s Hall in the development and continuing education center .Through the meeting a discussion of the ways to develop the performance of the Museum and museums of Baghdad University formations , as well as clarifying the work and functions of the liaison member in accordance with the tasks that have been limited in advance of (14 points) and were discussed in details with the liaison members during the meeting. It was decided unanimously that a meeting of the liaison members should be quarterly and the members suggested also the idea that the President of the University of Baghdad should write his memoirs and that will become a tradition with the other presidents of the University of Baghdad to document each stage of the life of the university , one can visit the link below which contains some archival photos of the University of Baghdad:

  During the meeting, the tasks of a liaison member came as follows:

  1. The University of Baghdad Museum is the main saving Centre of Baghdad University heritage to be preserved from loss and the formations of the university from colleges , institutes and centers which are the secondary memory saving center .
  2. The liaison member of the University formations will document their activities and save them in the secondary memory center as part of the heritage of the formation which is not for media only, but to preserve this heritage .
  3. The secondary memory center consists of a computer where activities are saved as an important part of scientific and cultural activities that should not be cancelled in any way.
  4. Preferably the museum should be provided with LED d or LCD screens placed in a suitable place as an electronic museum , where the heritage of the mentioned formation is displayed to let the students, faculty and visitors know about the heritage and culture.
  5. The University of Baghdad Museum is the main center for the preservation, documentation and archiving.
  6. The liaison member directs the departments of his institutions to document their activities.
  7. Emphasizing on the administration of the website in the college or institute or center to keep the photos and videos displayed on the site and save them in the archive as part of the heritage of the college or institute or center.
  8. Preserving the old collections and considered them as part of the heritage of the formation and keeping the new and clean including at least three The liaison member should supply the University of Baghdad Museum annually with the activities of the institute or center and put them onto a CD for the purpose of preservation at Baghdad University Museum /main memory center.
  9. With the start of the new academic 2014 – 2015 the activities of the Cultural Forum that belongs to the Museum of the University of Baghdad , among the activities is hosting pioneer professors, who studied at the University of Baghdad and became a significant social, cultural and political personality to talk about his experience in the field of teaching at the University of Baghdad and his memories as part of documenting the historical memory of the University of Baghdad.
  10. facilitate the work of the University of Baghdad museum to get some rare old documents belonging to the professors and well-known personalities for displaying them in the Museum of the University of Baghdad.
  11. The liaison member will organize quarterly visits to Baghdad University museum for students, faculty members and staff.

Manifestation to complete Recording University of Baghdad in the Guinness World Records

  University of Baghdad has completed all the requirements to be recorded in the Guinness World Records, as the first university in the Middle East and the Arab world , leading education and peace, this is done by the major activity that lasted for two consecutive months in coordination with the astronaut Farid Abdulzahra Lafta who contributed to t follow-up the project to be held in the University of Baghdad and under the direct supervision of Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein president of the University of Baghdad, and with the management of the project by Prof. Dr. Abdul Basit Salman, head of the project, who explained that the project represents a new achievement of the University as in the international rankings of universities such webometrix and global QS, adding that the activity is under the title “the greatest symbol of peace in the world,” noting that the symbol has been done by the capabilities and potentials of the university students and faculty members ,where they have drawn a great symbol of peace by line up formation that consist of children’s toys in the closed playground of the college of Physical Education at Baghdad University , in order to break the previous record that is recorded on behalf of America with an area of 61 square meters, Baghdad University occupies a new record with an area of 103 square meters and 3000 children’s toys .

  Preparations are conducting in full swing at the University for holding a major scientific manifestation on Monday 24/11/2014 to receive the certificate of the standard record certified by the Guinness Book under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussain Al-Shahristani, at Al-Hakeem Hall at the University at ten O’clock in the morning. invitations to VIP in government institutions and civil society have been distributed , where the university completed the project on 12- 11-2014 and with the contribution of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the presence of more than 250 orphans from all over Iraq and all its sects. The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammed Shiyaa’ Al- Sudani has opened the celebration in the presence of Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussain , president of Baghdad University and Assistant Professor Dr. Osama Fadhil and a group of faculty members and students as well as many of the mass media that covered the celebration. The celebration has begun with the Iraqi Republican anthem and then a word of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs has delivered and another of the president of the University of Baghdad and finally the astronaut Fareed Abdulzahra lafta also has delivered a word , then the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs with the president of the university and Captain Fareed step forward the big board to put the last three dolls from the total 3000 of the peace board , to complete the board.

  Mohammed Shiyaa’ Al-Sudani , Minister of Labour and Social Affairs has made his speech clear to celebrate the accredited humanitarian approach in our country to take care of orphans and the important responsibility to embrace them and the plans that are set out in the development of their potentials and their educational and cultural, intellectual and creative ability , explaining the unlimited support from the government and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for this class .

  Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussain has explained that the University of Baghdad is not like other traditional universities, which only relies on the scientific method in the graduation of the students, but the educational programs contribute more actively in serving the society .

  The astronaut Fareed lafta has explained at the celebration the importance of this major event that would change the gloomy , distorted and contrived picture by the hostile mass media to the homeland, stressing that our country is not as hostile media described , but is one of the finest countries in the world for carrying advantages and centers for the development of human and intellectl, and that Iraq is not as imagined by the West , like Kandahar or stricken countries, but it has the most beautiful humanitarian image and progress of civilization . Fareed has also confirmed to shed light on the reality of wasted childhood in Iraq because of the violence , terrorism and conflicts, television and video games or the imported violent toys that contributed to the ideological violence among children, stressing the attention and care of them psychologically to be support for the future, and also pointed out that the major scientific manifestation, which the university has set up a message of love and peace from Iraq to the world through the unconventional major symbolic board which forms humanly expressed entity through childhood games that represents the peace symbolism. He has concluded that this event b came to represent an academic promise from the University of Baghdad for orphans and displaced members for building them intellectually and scientifically in order to be in the seats of study in the university to convert to builders , thinkers and innovators of the future.

  The website and the Office of the university channel go pace with all the important stages of this great project for the University and documented with a set of images and scenes . The university channel will review the details of this activity and scientific manifestation.

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