Laser Clinics at the University of Baghdad begins to receive medical cases of dental treatment and provide medical advice

Laser Clinics at the University of Baghdad begins to receive medical cases of dental treatment and provide medical advice

  The dental clinics in the complex of laser medical clinics that belong to the Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Baghdad , has announced the beginning of receiving medical cases of laser treatment for research and therapeutic purposes and to provide medical consultations.

  The call comes from the principle of ” the university is in the service of the university” , in order to provide medical services of the laser treatment to all members of the society. The clinics has called those who wish treatment to see them in their location which is in the building of Laser Institute of Higher Studies in Al- Jadiriya compound during official working hours for all days of the week. A statement issued by the Institute and the University of Baghdad received a copy of it has reported that the clinics are equipped with the latest devices of laser therapy, laboratory of special treatment, as well as all other supplies, and the treatment is done at the hands of competent doctors and trainers in dental treatment by laser.

  The statement has pointed out that the conditions that the dental clinics for laser treatment for research purposes and therapeutic have received are ; the treatment of jaw joint and the muscles of the face and jaws pains , the eradication of polyps inside the mouth, and treatment of periodontal pockets , oral ulcers, and remove the layer of textile resulting from the appearance of the teeth, and treat textile infections around wisdom teeth , and white oral ulcers, whitening teeth, and treatment of oral vessels tumors. Noting that the laser clinics had been opened by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research On 25/4/2011 to conduct medical research using lasers, and training specialized medical teams through the Higher Diploma of laser in medicine in order to provide the society with Iraqi laser medical services .

  The Institute has worked to expand the work to include providing therapeutic assistance for patients and that in November 201 .The clinics has been provided with medical laser devises , and work starts to address the cases of different diseases, and the adoption of the activity of such clinics within the Advisory Office on October 2012.

  On October 2014, the Institute has began to offer its services in lasers in dentistry, and receiving other cases to treat dermatologist and cosmetic diseases, as in the case of tattoo removal, and skin pigmentation, and treatment of vessels tumor (birthmark) and remove the effects of acne, varicose veins and treatment of wrinkles and the traces of burns.

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