President of the university of Baghdad confirms his support for the requirements of the college of fine arts which contributes to the development of artistic and cultural reality of the country

President of the university of Baghdad confirms his support for the requirements of the college  of fine arts which  contributes to the development of artistic and cultural reality of the country

The  board of the college of fine arts at Baghdad university has hosted prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul to find out the needs and requirements of the college with the beginning  of the new academic year and the most important completed activities of the  last year and what it needs for the new academic year. The website of the college has reported the presentation of the dean Prof. Dr. Qasim Mu’nas Aziz  which is a detailed presentation of the most important achievements made ​​by the college and the services they provide to the society  and its openness to government departments and institutions and the public and private sectors with their contribution  in the development of artistic and cultural movement  in the country. Furthermore, what the scientific departments need to contribute for the improvement of  the theoretical and practical levels of the college.  The university president has listened to the arguments of the heads of scientific departments which would raise the level of the students and their projects and scientific researches and their participation in festivals inside and outside Iraq as well as the requirements of the development of curricula, laboratories and others. The Head of the Department of Film and Television has presented a show of a campaign of construction and reconstruction that is witnessed by the department stressing the role of the department’s graduates and their contribution in supplying the media institutions and what  the department has worked on the application of all scientific and modern concepts of the students during the years of their studies and emphasizing the transfer of the real media image to be away from counterfeiting and abuse. Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein also has listened to the head of the design department at the college while he explained the specializations of the department  in (graphic design and fabrics and interior and industrial design ), referring  to the need of the contribution  of the graduates projects of various government and private sectors to get advantage of them in the specializations , especially those related to industrial products, the printing presses and textile factories, as well as the interior designs of the modern official institutions  rather than relying on  ready-made and foreign designs  in particular, and to highlight the privacy and identity of Iraq in the design, and not to rely on the words or elements of non-Iraqi.  Head of the Department of Fine Arts has shown  the specializations of his department  (porcelain and drawing , sculpture and pottery), stressing the importance of this specialization  in creating a spirit of innovation and creativity and work to inspire heritage and contemporariness  with the modern world and interact with it through the presentation of service and scientific and technical consulting in the field of Fine Arts and develop it and  relate  this to the development  of the civilization of Mesopotamia and highlight the values ​​of civilization and updated them in a manner consistent with the contemporariness. The meeting also has witnessed  the review of the other heads of the departments of the  reality of the work of their departments and the contribution of these departments  in the service of society and the artistic and cultural career  in the country.

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