Newsletter, September 2014

Unprecedented preparations for the graduation celebration

Unprecedented preparations for graduation celebration are made at the university of Baghdad in full swing in order to hold the largest graduation ceremony for the largest Iraqi and Arab university which is called peace and development class number (57 ),corresponding to, 20/9/2014. Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussain, president of university has instructed to form a technical committee headed by assistant professor Osama Fadhil Abdul Latif, the scientific assistant of the university president and the formation of an executive committee headed by prof. Dr. Riad Khalil, the administrative assistant.  The president of the university has explained to our website that the celebration of this year will be special, due to the events and will honour the top students and multiple activities, so as to delight the graduates and their families. Dr.Ali AL-Adeeb,minister of higher education and scientific research will attend the celebration as well as a great number of senior officials in the state. This celebration will be the most outstanding one this year because this celebration will represent the graduation of more than 43% of Iraqi graduates. The celebration will be held on the playgrounds of the college of physical education in Al_Jadirriya. Exerted  efforts have been done by the university mass media, the university satellite channel and the website to cover the celebration of this year. Instructor Bassim Hameed, the website director, has directed the website staff members to prepare a lot of activities of the graduation celebration to be broadcasted directly (live), in addition to a show of multimedia notes that accompany the celebration.  Dr. Osama Fadil Abdullatif  explained that the invitations have been sent to the senior leaders and officials in the state, chief of them is the president of the republic who informed us that a special honour will be presented to the top students.Furthermore, minister of construction and housing has informed us that the ministry will appoint the first three top students of the college of engineering in its ministry. A lot of preparations have been completed to be in harmony with the reputation of university and it’s great history. These preparations will include shooting a large number of fireworks which will rejoice the audience during the celebration and a number of balloons will be sent out high in the sky, to represent peace and humanity that show the range and depth of our great civilization, the Mediterranean civilization.

Unprecedented preparations for the graduation celebration

The largest graduation celebration in Iraq and the Middle East

The largest celebrations of the graduation of the students of the university of Baghdad class no.57 which is called “Peace and Development” have been held on the playgrounds of the college of physical education in Al-Jadirriyya complex accompanied with the joys and songs of the graduates’ families and acquaintances .The representative of the president of Republic and the Prime Minister, Dr. Hussein Al-Shahristani , the minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the ministry senior acting Dr. Qasim Dos ,in addition to a number of ambassadors and leading personalities in the Iraqi Parliament and the government have attended the celebrations. The celebration started with the republic anthem then a verse from the Glorious Qur’an recited .After that a group of graduates walked in front of the officials stage and be fronted by a group who was  holding the flags of the republic of Iraq with  the republic logo and the logo of Baghdad university which is hold by a group of military college students and followed by  groups who represent students of the different colleges of the university .Later, a group of professors stepped in and the audience with the students stood to greet  them for their great role in graduating these different academic competent. Later on Dr.Hussein Al-Shahristani has delivered a speech in which he praised university of Baghdad (the  Mother University) and its students and professors and explained how they are efficient in the society, referring to the exerted efforts of organizing the celebration and explaining at the same time the intention of the ministry in submitting all the ways and means to elevate university of Baghdad and the Iraqi universities, emphasizing that the ministry is going on in developing , improving and building  the mind  and following the academic approach in procedures because it creates the academic environment and the appropriate atmosphere of science and the proper study. President of the university, Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein  has delivered a speech where he explained the role of the university in the society through its graduates and professors and he showed the great victories that the university fulfilled through the website which exceeds more than 19000 international university in the international standard classifications. Then ,Assistant Professor  Dr. Osama Fadhal Abdullatif , the chief of the artistic committee ,has delivered the repetition of the ceremony of granting the certificate  and the graduates repeated the oath of serving the beloved country ,Iraq. During the celebration , a lot of coloured balloons were set off to represent purity and followed by fireworks that expressed the joys and happiness of this occasion .The celebration included also many activities in addition to honouring the top students of the colleges and the university. The satellite and TV channels  with numerous mass media have covered and broadcasted this large celebration .The administration of the website and the office of the satellite  university channel have covered the preparations and the ceremony of the celebration and documented it with a set of photos and videos as well as made interviews with the top students and the organizers of the celebration and some audience. 

The largest graduation celebration in Iraq and the Middle East

The university channel broadcasts the graduation celebration preparation in the harvest of the university program and the Youtube

A project to establish the satellite university of Baghdad channel

By more than one means , university of Baghdad has been coping with the advanced technology and development in displaying the scientific and cultural activities. Therefore, it has been keen to display all the preparations of the graduation celebration through the satellite university channel on the frequency 11219 and the code no. 27500 which broadcasts the harvest of the university , the special program of the graduation celebration of the class 57 “ peace and development “ .The program can be seen on the university website and the Youtube on the link below:

The harvest of the university was set off last year with great efforts from the presidency of the university of Baghdad with standard specifications and high purity of the picture and under the supervision of a group of experts and specialists in the field of “ dolby system “ and digital purity of the sound with “high definition” techniques. It sets off with a renewed film style between the documentary and decodrama .All this has been done by the direction of Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein who directed to have a university media rising up and he also directed all the colleges and institutes and the formulations of the university to open offices of the university channel. Prof. Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman director  of the university channel has also directed all the formulations to start opening offices for the university channel and in coordination with the director of the website Mr. Bassim Hameed. The activities of the colleges and institutes of our university will be displayed very soon on the university channel screen and with a set of reports , films and documentaries of the laboratories and our university  scientific fields , the physical playgrounds and its halls and  distinctive classes .Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman  has met the teams of the websites and the teams of the media of the colleges, institutes and the scientific centers of our university and he has reported to them the directions of the president of the university of the work of the especial offices of the university channel .The colleges and the institutes began sending letters to the university about the university channel offices. Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman has established with the late Dr. Mudhafar Mandoob the satellite university college after they have been authorized by the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2006 and he is now very busy to set off the university of Baghdad satellite channel and all the required studies for establishing the channel is completed and he waits to start executing the project after the president of the university accepted the project and felt very excited. The harvest of the university is episode number seven displayed the latest scientific, cultural and intellectual  developments of the activities and the university of Baghdad .This episode focused on the preparation of the graduation celebration and it got the support of the graphic and montage processes by Prof .Dr. Ghassan Hameed Abdul Majeed, the ex-director of the center of the computer in Baghdad University and General director of research and development who had a great role in developing the digital work in the university and digital media , in addition to the director of the production of the program Instructor Bassim Hameed, director of the website who makes the activities that are prepared for the program available , Dr. Ibtihal Mahdi has also participated in the program. The episode also included the activities of August 2014. The program is broadcasted by Ahmed Alaa’ and for the English newscast is Hilal Rasool Kano, the commentator Hussein Al-Zaboon, Rawhi Ahmedand Hind Al-Baghdadi, montage and graphic by Mahmood Al-Mosawi, produced by university of Baghdad – office of the university channel 2014.

Unprecedented preparations for the graduation celebration

University activities:

University of Baghdad receives more congratulations and blessings on the occasion of gaining an advanced world ranking

The administrative body of the Iraqi society of engineers in the hospitality of the college of engineering

University of Baghdad holds a course on the methods of academic dealing of university guards

University of Baghdad offers a diagnostic study to the patients with polycystic ovaries

University of Baghdad sends a group of its researchers to Malaysia within the teaching staff development program

The secretariat of the central library at the university draws a beautiful future prospects after its inclusion in the Spanish classification “Webometrics”

A study at the college of engineering at the university of Baghdad proposes a protocol for routing things online

College of nursing announces the start of applying for the evening study for the academic year 2014-2015

Selection of an instructor from the college of dentistry as a member of one of the scientific journals specialized in microbiology

Council of Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering discusses the possibility of opening evening classes in the college

Market research center at the university of Baghdad issues a study on the impact of medical incinerators on environment and man

University of Baghdad participates in a symposium on the next government’s program

Computer center at the university of Baghdad receives 724 students for passing computer efficiency exam

President of the university of Baghdad blesses the beginning of the new academic year and announces the university advanced rank in the global QS

A study in the college of engineering presents design solutions to develop nurseries and kindergartens

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