Newsletter, August 2014

An international classification for  Baghdad university

Again our university gains the classification of webometrics issued from Spain including the huger and deep – rooted international universities such as Harvard, Oxford & Toronto and other huge and immense universities. The university of Baghdad is the same as the international immense universities. The university of Baghdad is the 41th university among the Arab universities. This progress comes on the precautions taken by the university of Baghdad on the webometrics supervised by the Baghdad university’ president Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussain Abdul Rasul, his care and repeated supervision with the webometrics team and the concern of his excellency fellowship and keenness to enhance and develop the webometrics services and to make available the update international techniques of webometrics of the university of Baghdad. Below is the website of ranking where a table  shows the rates:

An international classification for  Baghdad university

University activities:

-University of Baghdad renews its stand and support for our armed forces to defeat terrorism

-Department of student affairs holds its second periodical meeting of the advisory board for students affairs of the university of Baghdad

-A study at the college of science for women addresses the impact of obesity on diabetes

-Innovative research projects at Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering start towards establishing an applied scientific laboratory

-College of medicine completes its preparations for the reception of students of the scientific section according to the highest rates of the central admission

-University of Baghdad gains the membership of the Arabic organization for quality assurance in education

-Ph.D student from the university of Baghdad gains the second place through his participation in a research symposium at the university of Manchester

-College of arts extends bridges of scientific communication with the German academic institutions and signs scientific agreements for the development of archaeological research between Baghdad and Berlin

-The pioneer national center of cancer researches at the university of Baghdad offers its services for free

-Director of the heritage center at the university of Baghdad opens prospects for mutual cooperation with the ministry of culture in a meeting with the director of Dar al-Mamoon for publishing and printing

-College of administration and economics at the university of Baghdad publishes a book entitled (experimental designs and analysis of their experiments by using SPSS)

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