Newsletter, May 2014

On the day of Baghdad university… the triumph of science and pen

Coinciding with the birth of the commander of the faithful, big celebration of the university’ day
Coinciding with the anniversary of the birth of the commander of the faithful, Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him),  our university has set up a big celebration in its  day which is the largest in the Arab world and the Middle East. The minister of higher education and scientific research has sponsored and attended the celebration, who confirmed the quest and interest of the  ministry to have university of Baghdad at  developed and advanced ranks globally with leading universities in the world. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul-Hussein president of the university of Baghdad attended with a number of members of the Iraqi parliament, deans of colleges, institutes and directors of centers and scientific and administrative departments at the university with a large number of students. The celebration has  included more activities and events like  movies and theatrical shows, book fairs and plastic and photographic arts, products of  university colleges  of agriculture, pharmacy, dentistry, education, arts, mass media, fine arts and the rest of the colleges.
Mr. Ali al-Adeeb, minister of higher education and scientific research has delivered an important speech on this occasion, started with the blessing of scientists, researchers and the audience with  the anniversary of the birth of the door of the knowledge city, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be on him) who enriched the humanity with the science of great prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and his family), reviewing more sayings of imam Ali in the field of science and scientists and his  role in insight and enlightenment. His  Excellency has reviewed in his speech many of the major achievements in the reality of the Iraqi education noting also that his ministry seeks for development of education through the development of infrastructure in the establishment of many scientific institutions and new universities, as well as the establishment of centers and scientific fields, including the city of Baghdad TV, which is the first in the Middle East and the Arab world, as well as the establishment of water city to include the research centers, especially to aquatic organisms. Then, the minister has inaugurated a tremendous amount of science fairs for colleges, centers and academic departments, as well as attending the celebrations of the university stadiums and competitions students, equestrian, hang gliding and sport games. He also opened more private science fairs of colleges of medicine, agriculture, dentistry, pharmacy and exhibition of occupations which the department of studies and planning of presidency of the university has held. President of the university of Baghdad has delivered a speech welcoming the participants and the audience and has thanked His Excellency the minister for his sponsorship and interest in science and our university. Furthermore he has explained the role played by our university to provide the society with energies, reviewing the scientific achievements of the university and its global rankings within the international rankings of universities like Webometrics or QS. Our website team has documented the big celebration with a set of photographs and videos of the activities of this important day.

University activities

-The university of Baghdad hosts the meeting of the committee of deans of civil colleges in Iraq

-A delegation from the university of Baghdad visits federal Russia within a program for development of teaching staffs outside Iraq

-Computer center at the university of Baghdad holds computer courses for private sector companies

-A lecture at the college of engineering about the determinants of writing a scientific research

-The national center of cancer researches at the university of Baghdad holds a video seminar with the university of Oxford

-The national center for cancer researches at the university of Baghdad hosts the meeting of the committee of medical specialties

-University of Baghdad gets the first position on Iraqi level and the third position on the Arab level in physics Olympics at Oman

-College of pharmacy holds a course on veterinary drugs industry

-Ibn al-Haitham college holds a symposium on safety in research laboratories and bio-waste treatment

-College of Islamic sciences at the university of Baghdad holds a scientific conference and an ideological symposium on civilization

-Book Wings theatrical experience between the university of Baghdad and Iowa university, U.S

-In a big celebration hosted by the university of Baghdad … his excellency, minister of higher education grants the excellence award for 32 scientists and professors and honors outstanding universities and research centers in celebration of science day

-Al-Kindy college of medicine at the university of Baghdad discusses the education based on solving health problems

-Department of surveying engineering holds its annual exhibition with a large presence of global companies

-Ibn al-Haytham college discusses the importance of twinning programs with world universities

-The college of Ibn-Rushd discusses the future of e-learning

-College of administration and economics of Baghdad university holds a workshop on global trends of supply and demand of crude oil

-College of medicine holds a workshop on the importance of polymerization and its theoretical and practical applications

-University of Baghdad launches its 29th annual festival of cinema and television arts with participation of 138 art works

-Central library at the university of Baghdad holds a course on electronic indexing

-College of education for women holds a session recalling the great novelist “Gabriel Garcia Marquez”

-Ibn Rushd at Baghdad university holds a scientific symposium entitled “The historical relations between Mesopotamia and neighboring countries”

-College of administration and economics discusses future goals for strategic planning

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