Newsletter, March 2014

The new building of the college of science at the university of Baghdad is inaugurated

His excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research prof. Ali al-Adeeb, a new building of the college of Science at the university of Baghdad. The minister, during the inauguration ceremony, said ; “the ministry is working to construct new buildings of Iraqi universities, including the university of Baghdad, to get them together in one place in order to accommodate the growing number of students every year as well as to prepare a suitable academic surroundings where all supplementary factors are contributing to innovation, including advanced laboratories and research centers in one location. He stresses that the ministry is implementing a strategy based on providing all the needs of the colleges of medicine, engineering and science so that it can prepare graduates who are able to enter the labor market directly and serve the  public and private organizations in support of the development movement in Iraq. On the other hand, Mr. President of Baghdad University professor Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul said  that the new building of the college  of Science, represents an academic monument and includes a number of modern and developed laboratories and  classrooms where all the supplies for the advancement of research areas are available as well as developed laboratory equipments. Furthermore, his excellency explained that the gathering of colleges in one place is to settle knowledge and thought near the research and training centers in order to develop the academic output and catch up with the fully accredited international universities , stressing that the Iraqi researches have become evaluated in the referred international journals and get the first category during international conferences. The minister became aware of the progress of the  projects of the new buildings for a number of colleges at Jadiriya compound Jadiriya, he also confirmed that the new buildings of seven colleges and the Institute of genetic Engineering and reached the stages of completion of more than 80%. The Minister of Higher Education during his visit to our university walked around  the projects currently being implemented, including the project of new buildings of  the colleges of law, engineering Khwarizmi, Islamic Science, Education Ibn Rushd, the Science for girls, the  education for girls, and the Institute of Genetic Engineering where the completion rates are ranging  currently between 80 to 90 percent, some of them will be transferred from Bab Al-Mu’tham compound to Jadiriya . He also  became aware of the of dormitories for girl students, directing to provide all the needs and physical and human requirements.

A workshop at university of Baghdad about the sustainability of quality assurance system

Department of quality assurance and university performance at the university of Baghdad held a workshop for the university deans,centers directors and heads of departments entitled “how to sustain the quality assurance system at the university of Baghdad”. The expatriate expert,Dr. Mohammed al-Rubaie, delivered a lecture defining the quality assurance and accreditation of university as the process of finding the mechanisms and procedures applied at the right time  to confirm that the required quality is achieved. The researcher also pointed to a number of world-class characteristics of the university namely, the need to possess a number of outstanding worldwide researchers and its recognition of superiority from universities in the world, its possessing of a number of scientific world class departments, innovates pioneered ideas, produces original researches,  attracts the best students and graduates, gets the best scientific awards that enable it to attract the best professors and world-class researchers to work in, focuses on leading researches, attracts more numbers of graduates and foreigners, offers distinctive contributions to the society and modern life, always be in comparison with its counterparts from outstanding world-class universities, possesses a sufficient confidence to put its projects and plans without relying on outside parties and the students who graduated from it are getting very good jobs in the country and society. Concerning the most important methods used in the application of quality, Dr. Mohammed al-Rubaie referred to  a method of self and external evaluation, reference comparisons, evaluating peers and external examiner, evaluating scientific research, and the inclusion of external members of the committees for the interview. After the lecture, a discussion and interpositions took place to express opinions according to the requirements of the university and its strategy to ensure its quality and performance, including the interposition of assistant president of university of  administrative affairs Prof. Dr. Hussein Yusuf who referred to the need to put prospects that develop and improve the university to advanced higher ranks towards global standards categories followed by the advanced universities. The workshop witnessed a lot of visions and proposals that contribute to upgrade the mother of the Iraqi universities (Baghdad University).

Inaugurating the central unprecedented serviceable laboratory in Iraq and Middle East

His excellency, minister of higher education and scientific research, Mr.Ali Al-Adeeb has inaugurated the central serviceable laboratory in the college of education of pure science/Ibn Al-Haithem on Monday 27/2/2014. President of university, Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasoul, dean of the college of education of pure science/Ibn Al-Haithem, assistant Prof. Dr. Khalid Fahad Ali and a number of officials, faculty members and postgraduate students all attended the inauguration. In a great and special ceremony in Iraq and the Middle East, his excellency, the minister of higher education and scientific research has officially inaugurated the new laboratory. This laboratory includes modern and developed laboratory appliances from distinguished and well-known origins that researchers and postgraduate students may take advantage of Mr.Dean of the college of education of pure science/Ibn Al-Haithem let the minister and the head of the university know about different departments of the serviceable laboratory and its various apparatus, the trainees of these apparatus presented ample explanation to the attendees about the importance and how these apparatus work, bearing in mind that all trainees have been sent to the manufacturing countries like USA, Germany and Turkey to be aware of how these apparatus work to get benefit of them accurately in order to cope with the technical and scientific progress and development. The ceremony has began by playing the national anthem and reciting verses of the glorious Qur’an, then the opening chapter of the glorious Qu’ran has been recited to ask God to have mercy upon the pious martyrs and the dean of college delivered a welcome speech where he explained that the dream has come true by the patronage of the his excellency, the minister and the direct implementation of the engineering department of the university of Baghdad where the idea began by a proposal conducted from the deanery of the college of education for pure science. After that his excellency delivered a speech invoked blessing upon the college and the university for this great accomplishment and praised all the exerted efforts by all to have a laboratory with various scientific apparatus in physics, chemistry and biology. In addition, president of university blessed the staff of the deanery and all members of the college this great accomplishment. He also discussed the main problems that hindered the educational process and ways of surmount them. At the end, the dean of the college distributed the souvenirs to the minister of Higher Education and scientific research and the president of the university of Baghdad.

University uniform is the identity of the student

Since the beginning of the academic year  much attention has been given to the uniform  due to its  being a civilized phenomenon that marked a university student from the other. Under the direct supervision of the President of the University Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Abdul Rasul and his personal follow-up of the subject and in order to show the  status and commitment of the university in all fields , because the uniform reflects a civilized feature by most of the  high-accredited universities in the world and its impact in removing class and social differences  among the  students as it represents the educated class of society on the one hand and that  the commitment is the highest stage of culture on the other hand , the university is concerned very much with applying the uniform. A central committee in the presidency of the university has been formed  to  follow up the commitment of the uniform officially scheduled in the formations of the university , the  committee was  headed by Instructor Abdul Karim Mounir Abdul Razzaq, director of the office of the university’ president ,the membership of the  assistant instructor Bassim Hameed Jremid and  assistant instructor  Abd Nour Al-Hamdani. This committee has made several visits to the colleges of the university in the university compounds that are deployed in Jadiriya ,Bab Al-Mu’adham, Al-Nahdha, Al-Wazzirria and Al-A’dhamiya. On the other hand, Mr. Chairman of the committee in a statement exclusive of the website indicates  that the colleges that will be observed  committed to the uniform, the committee will make a recommendation to the President of the university for the purpose of granting a letter of appreciation to the most commitment formation in  the university and  he stressed that the committee continues to visit  various colleges.

President of university of Baghdad receives the French ambassador Denis Gauer in Iraq

President of Baghdad university, Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul  has received the French ambassador in Iraq Denis Gauer and his accompanying delegation. The president has welcomed the guests and has given a brief overview of the history of the University of Baghdad’ colleges, the number of the undergraduate and postgraduate students, the size of the faculty members and administrative staff. The French ambassador has pointed out the good relations between the university of Baghdad and French institutions and has given his profound thanks for the warm reception. The two parties have discussed ways of strengthening academic relations and scientific cooperation. Dr. Sabah Mohammed Abbas, the director of cultural relations of the university, Prof. Abdul Kareem Mounir, director of the office of the president of the university and assistant Prof. Dr. Sawsan Faisal al-Samer, dean of the college of languages have  attended the meeting.

Architectural creativity award to university of Baghdad

Due to its global and scientific achievements through its opening to the outside world and keep up with the latest developments and  its active participation in all conferences,besides its obtain of advanced positions in international rankings where it entered among the best universities in the world and the Arab land. This time the achievement is the excellence award of  architect creativity.  An open invitation was provided to the  students of architecture colleges in Iraqi universities to participate, where  both  Ahmed Younis and Yasir Adnan –  the college of engineering / department of architecture at the university of Baghdad – got the excellence award and occupied an advanced rank for their project ( the new Iraqi parliament building ) under the supervision of prof. Mohammad Redha Chalabi. The juries  have commented that the project is interesting and has a clear idea. The selection of the winners was subjected to an assessment of the jury committee consisting from Iraqi architects academics and foreigners outside Iraq. This kind of excellence award celebrates the outstanding graduation projects of Iraqi students of architecture  and aims to honor the  Iraqi academic architecture excellence and creativity, in addition to  highlight Iraqi young architects inside and outside Iraq. Excellence award works continuously to support the academic effort of  the Iraqi faculty members and help to deliver Iraqi students creations to the global architectural community and to create a suitable environment for architectural constructive dialogue among Iraqi architects. Excellence is an Iraqi award for an excellent architect, which is founded by Iraqi architects and academics  outside Iraq to support the efforts made to develop the academic skills and the capabilities of the Iraqi university graduates and to identify  the global architectural circles with Iraqi talents as well as to enlighten  the Iraqi citizen with the importance of the Iraqi architectural heritage. In the first year a great success has been achieved with the participation of 135 students from 9 Iraqi universities, after the process of reviewing the projects, 17 projects have been promoted to the second phase. The  jury committee of excellence award consists of globally known architectural and academic figures, among them is the world  architect of Iraqi origin, Zuha Hadeed ;professor Powell Ivy, dean of the college of engineering at the university of Coventry, UK; Dr. Khaled Sultani, a researcher at the Royal College of Danish of  fine arts; the Iraqi architect, Iyad Althafea, resident in London; Catherine McNeil, executive director of architecture for humanity in London; Moira Asilis, director of special projects in the British architecture enterprise and the  Iraqi academic architect manhal Abdul Latif, in addition to the Jordanian architect Rashed Al-Nas’a and others.

University president visits the dormitories

In coordination with the ministry of higher education and scientific research in the development of the dormitories appropriately and properly, the  university has a lot of developmental projects for the dormitories, among the most important projects is the construction of dormitories for students in Al- Jadriya, which is one of larger strategic projects that will be an architectural masterpiece and creative simultaneously  for its distinct specification. The president of the university follows-up  the project personally, and is keen on the workflow according to accuracy and within a definite  time. This project will provide 670 apartments, of which four students per department to accommodate 2780 students. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ AbdulHussein, president of the university,  during his inspected visits to the projects has explained to our website that the university is keen to have an environment which is in balance with the size and the achievements of our university, the fact that the dormitories are no longer just places for living, but also constitute a scientific developed centre because it should give a sound environment for studying  and learning. The university president has instructed to provide the best services of air conditioning, heating water, monitors and housing equipment and comfortable bedrooms, and  rooms for reading with an emphasis on recreation for students. President of the university has met the manager of the project, Mr. Tony Al-Turaihi and a team of engineers residing inside the project in Jadriya. Assistant professor Dr. Sidqi Ismail Rezouki, director of the department of engineering affairs and prof. Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman, editor of the website, who followed–up the visit and documented it with a series of photos were accompanying the university president. Instructor engineer, AbdulKarim Mounir, director of office of the president, paid an early visit to the project in order to coordinate and overcome more obstacles or difficulties, and has explained to our website that how keen the university president to achieve success and excellence in education in our university and that success is achieved  by creating intellectual environment where housing is an important part of it. We have to realize that many of the students who prefer to follow  more independent approach choose to stay in the dormitories to achieve the highest levels of excellence and superiority. The manager of the project, engineer Tony Al-Turaihi explained to our website some important data about the project, where the project will be ready within a year and a half, God willing, and the work is going on in full swing, especially since the work is accelerated in order to complete the project in accordance with the precision. The manager of the project has provided us with  general statements as in below:

Student summary:
Total :  670
4 students for each apartment
Total student No.:  670 *4= 2680   
Total built up area: 64146 m2

Council of university grants the scientific creativity award

Council of the University of Baghdad held a widespread celebration to honor  the winners of the best scientific research of the M.A theses and PhD dissertations, graduation projects of four year students presented to the University, and in all colleges, institutes and research centers of the academic year 2012-2013.The University has formed specialized committees in the evaluation of the  winning researches and honored according to the scientific and humanitarian disciplines, where a committee of ten disciplines and a higher committee in the Department of Scientific Affairs in the university consisting of the best professors to evaluate the scientific achievements have been Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul explained  ,during a speech delivered at the celebration, the importance of this evaluation of the creative in the scientific fields and recommended the winners to continue this scientific approach to serve our beloved country, focusing that history records all good actions and achievement, calling the winners to promote the reality of education through adhering to the principles of the constructive scientific research, which would build and develop the society toward greatness, reviewing more scientific experiments that served and developed countries through the sublime academic approach. He also thanked the students for their interest in science, stressing competitive spirit in the creation of intellectual and humanitarian creativity  who represents the true fruit in the development and construction of communities. Then, the Dean of the college of Administrations and Economics delivered a short speech where he has thanked  the Council of the university and the students for this scientific demonstration, which, God willing, will be a sign for the beginning of more advanced researches, and has recommended the researchers to exert the efforts to reach the best and the most accurate results and to serve science and society altogether, as well as one of the winners of scientific creativity has thanked and appreciated the university president and the members of the University Council for this scientific demonstration in the evaluation of scientific achievements, noting that the starting point of scientific research has been set out since the moment we have received the creative awards, and that responsibility has become greater than with what we have earned from the evaluation of the University Council and  we have promised the university that our work will never stop in a moment for the sublime research.The website team has followed this distinctive scientific demonstration and has documented it with a set photographs.

University activities

-Holding a seminar about impact factor

-Instructors from the faculty of sciences get patents as appraisers in an international journal

-Minister of higher education describes the university of Baghdad as the glare of the higher education in Iraq

-Minister of higher education and scientific research praises the efforts of the center of development and continuing education at the university of Baghdad

-The university of Baghdad participates in the first economic conference of the province of Baghdad

-The college of nursing holds a course on CPR

-The museum of natural history at the university of Baghdad discusses the results of a visit to Italian universities

-An introductory lecture on the 1st international conference of modern technologies held in Jordan

-The college of Ibn al-Haytham gives a lecture entitled (hyperoxia: life or death of pulmonary cells)

-Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering organizes a scientific visit for the students to Baghdad company of soft drinks

-The college of language participates in a workshop at the federal republic of Germany

-Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering hosts prof. D. Ahmed al-Jumaili in the program of “a visiting professor”

-The university of Baghdad inaugurates the first scientific laboratory of its kind at the college of veterinary medicine

-The college of engineering participates in the conference of polarizing and supplying Iraqi universities with the necessary expertise

-Journal of political science gets advanced global positions

-The ministry of science and technology adopts completing a scientific research by researchers from the university of Baghdad in Geneva

-A Chinese T.V channel presents a report on Huawei center at the college of engineering

-Al-Kindy college of medicine organizes a lecture on the recent advances of brain endoscope

-Journal of agricultural sciences at the university of Baghdad gets the fourth place among (191) Arab scientific journals

-A study at the institute of laser provides solutions to some dermatoses

-The college of political science hosts the German Fredrcher Ebert Foundation

-The department of sociology at the college of arts holds its first international conference with a distinguished Arab and foreign presence

-The university of Baghdad sets up a workshop for rehabilitation and employment of graduates and creating job opportunities

-Incoming of modern British medical journals to the library of the college of nursing

-A lecture entitled preparation and diagnosis of a new Schiff base and some metallic complexes derived from Klausel acid

-A lecture at the college of science on scientific methods for utilizing from global institutions

-The university of Baghdad embraces a foreign delegation in a scientific symposium

-The colleges of education – Ibn Rushd and education for women at the university of Baghdad call researchers to participate in the 2nd international conference in the 16th of April

-University of Baghdad celebrates the international woman’s day in recognition of her role in society

-The college of engineering discusses the necessity of using power plants without emissions

-Clinics at the institute of laser set about in treatment of (29) tattoo cases in various colors, shapes and sizes

-The college of arts set about using smart board in classrooms

-The university of Baghdad participates in an international conference at Tangier, Morocco

-The department of electrical engineering organizes a scientific field trip for the students of the 4th grade

-The college of administration and economics hosts the meeting of the committee of deans of the colleges of administration and economics

-An instructor from Al – Khwarizmi college of engineering gets Ph.D. from the university of Plymouth, U.K. in biomedical engineering

-The national center for cancer research hosts the engineering team responsible for establishment of Ibn Sina educational hospital

-Department of computer at the college of education for women discusses femtotecholology and its informational applications

-Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering organizes an scientific visit for its students to midland refineries at Daura

-College of mass communication hosts the Iraqi encyclopedist, Dr. Ali al-Nashmi

-For the first time in Iraq .. the college of dentistry uses balloon technology in dental implant

-President of the university of Baghdad visits the center for revival of heritage, confirming his support for its scientific and academic advancement

-Development and continuing education center initiates modern scientific and administrative systems

-A researcher attains a new scientific achievement by membership in the editorial board of an American international scientific journal

-Center for international studies discusses human rights and the results of the change in the Arab region

-Al-Kindy college of medicine holds a symposium on asthma and the modern methods of treatment

-A study at the college of science assesses groundwater stored in the city of Sinjar

-The college of engineering discusses the latest developments in the field of robots

-The college of arts participates in an international conference in Beirut on the Iraqi sociologist Dr. Ali al-Wardi

-Department of performing arts calls artistic teams and academic institutions to participate in its 2nd international festival in May






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