The new building of the college of science at the university of Baghdad is inaugurated

The new building of the college  of science at the university of Baghdad  is inaugurated

His excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research prof. Ali al-Adeeb, a new building of the college of Science at the university of Baghdad. The minister, during the inauguration ceremony, said ; “the ministry is working to construct new buildings of Iraqi universities, including the university of Baghdad, to get them together in one place in order to accommodate the growing number of students every year as well as to prepare a suitable academic surroundings where all supplementary factors are contributing to innovation, including advanced laboratories and research centers in one location. He stresses that the ministry is implementing a strategy based on providing all the needs of the colleges of medicine, engineering and science so that it can prepare graduates who are able to enter the labor market directly and serve the  public and private organizations in support of the development movement in Iraq. On the other hand, Mr. President of Baghdad University professor Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul said  that the new building of the college  of Science, represents an academic monument and includes a number of modern and developed laboratories and  classrooms where all the supplies for the advancement of research areas are available as well as developed laboratory equipments.

Furthermore, his excellency explained that the gathering of colleges in one place is to settle knowledge and thought near the research and training centers in order to develop the academic output and catch up with the fully accredited international universities , stressing that the Iraqi researches have become evaluated in the referred international journals and get the first category during international conferences. The minister became aware of the progress of the  projects of the new buildings for a number of colleges at Jadiriya compound Jadiriya, he also confirmed that the new buildings of seven colleges and the Institute of genetic Engineering and reached the stages of completion of more than 80%. The Minister of Higher Education during his visit to our university walked around  the projects currently being implemented, including the project of new buildings of  the colleges of law, engineering Khwarizmi, Islamic Science, Education Ibn Rushd, the Science for girls, the  education for girls, and the Institute of Genetic Engineering where the completion rates are ranging  currently between 80 to 90 percent, some of them will be transferred from Bab Al-Mu’tham compound to Jadiriya . He also  became aware of the of dormitories for girl students, directing to provide all the needs and physical and human requirements.


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