University of Baghdad Participates in the Eighth International Al-Resala Festival in the Holy Karbala city

University of Baghdad Participates  in the Eighth International Al-Resala Festival in the Holy Karbala city
Baghdad University participated in the activities of Al-Resala  Spring Eighth international cultural Festival  sponsored by al-Husseinia  and  Abbasid plenary secretariats   and under the slogan “The Great Prophet” PBUH “is dedicated mercy   and a means  to survive .”The participation of the university  is  represented by its president Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul hussein, Director of the Department of media  and Public Relations, Dr. Kadhem Al-Omran with the presence of a large number of religious  , intellectual and cultural Iraqi and non-Iraqi figures. The General Secretary of the Abbasid shrine  Mr. Ahmed Al-Safi delivered an opening speech in which he stressed the “need to know the personality of the messenger  through the Glorious Qura’n, to be such a holistic and comprehensive knowledge and fortified of  speeches that are trying to undermine his  personality .” On the other hand , the Director of the Department of media and Public Relations at the University of Baghdad, Dr. Kadhem AL-Omran , “What distinguishes this year’s festival is the distinctive presence of Academic figures  of Iraqi universities, as well as invitations to academic figures  from outside Iraq as the number of academics participating in the festival exceeded  one hundred and twenty professors.The festival included a number of events, including an expanded scientific session, reading  poems and the opening of an exhibition of photographic pictures.

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