Congratulation, University of Baghdad Wins at Stockholm Film Festival

Congratulation,  University of Baghdad  Wins at Stockholm Film Festival

The university participates in most cultural and large creative forums including the world, among them is the” First Films Festival – Stockholm ” of Iraq which was held in Sweden  with the support of the Foundation “Medborgarskolan of culture” where  the University was awarded  for its film  nature is the best  ” ,which was directed by Prof. Dr. Abdul bassit Salman , Director of  university channel, who personified the role of science and its consistency with nature in the service of humanity with film vision  which is considered one of the most important methods of film that is of on- traditional expression , where the film came with  “Animation Cartoon” and with an image expression that is  free of any dialogue , but in expressions like gestures and voice by moot movements that  showed as a result  an understandable vision without translation or dubbing , making the film in the non- local  expression but beyond to be according to the international vision .The subject of the film addresses a central issue which is the struggle of  nature with the tyranny of Man and his control of humanity through his brute strength that he struggles with the creation of Almighty God and then all the forces are defeated and shattered  in front of the justice of Almighty God , nature and science that Almighty God bless, to let the science that belongs to nature be suitable  with the will God of his ability in justice. our university has contributed with a series of important short films  and up to ten films of the college of Fine Arts , Department of film and the presidency of the University of Baghdad .The films of the  university had a prominent role and is extremely large in  the success of the festival in the sense that  the films carried a modern and vision and  intellectual growing.

Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul hussein, president of Baghdad University, attended the ceremony , Mr. Mudhaffar al-Rubaie, a representative of the Ministry of Culture, Prof. Dr. Haider Makiya ,Associate Dean of the college of Engineering and Dr. Kadhem Omran director of media and relations with a number  of professors and students at the university also attended the ceremony  with the presence of some of the creators  , the winners of the festival and some of the media .The festival was held at the Hall of Jameel Al-Mala’ka , college of Engineering in Al-Jadirriya in order to honor our university as patronage of culture , art and creativity . in the  speech of the president of the university he showed the keen interest of  the university in supporting culture and creativity , and to transfer the humanitarian image that the Iraqi society or a researcher or a student at the University of Baghdad enjoyed, he also stressed the the support of all university students in the disciplines of cinema  to participate in international festivals , because of its important role in highlighting the humanitarian role of the Iraqi society, stressing that creativity does not stand at one side, but beyond the border , especially in our university those of media artists and of all the creators.  Mr. Salam Qasim the Prime of Stockholm Film Festival offered his thanks to the university president and his sponsorship of creativity and culture, evaluating the role of the University of Baghdad as a sponsor of art and creativity and as a humanitarian leader ,stressing that the University of Baghdad represents the true depth of creativity, art and culture with what came out of artists and creators. a representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Culture also  thanked our university.   The Festival administration had honored all the winners of the festival in the Iraqi Media Network at the Hall of Institute of radio training in Al-Salihiya , in a celebration that  the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Professor Moued Al-Lami and head of the Iraqi Media Network , Mr. Abdul Jabbar Shaboot and all the winners of the festival attended with  the presence of broad media and satellite channels that covered the ceremony and presented. The festival administration held another ceremony where the university president has been honored for his active role in supporting  the creators , artists, filmmakers , and provided a festival shield for the presidency of Baghdad , for the film  ” nature is the best ” and also presented a certificate of appreciation to the University and to Dr. Abdul bassit Salman, director of the film; on the other hand  the university president presented the  university shield to the  festival administration , as well as to  Dr Abdul khaliq Shaker, representative of the college of Fine Arts Department of Cinema Arts  and its role in the coordination and organization to let the students of the college of Arts participate at the festival, the  University president also presented the university  Shield to the representative of the Ministry of Culture of the role of the ministry in supporting our university students of  artists and creators , then a set of winning films displayed  at the film festival , and a memorable  group photo picked up of the winners of the festival with the university president .The website administration has followed this important activity and documented it with  a set of beautiful photographs.

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