Our University Joins the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association

Our University Joins the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association

As the university president is much more  interested to support the outstanding students and expand the field of knowledge and intellectual and academic areas of students, Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein  took the initiative  to honor a group of genius students ,College of Medicine, after they managed to join officially the “International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations with the  support and patronage of the Presidency of the University and Dean of the college of Medicine, where they could  satisfy and apply all regulations , the conditions and requirements to join this organization.

Let it be known that this is the first time for Iraq to join such worldwide organization which oversees and supervises more than two million doctors and specialists together with those contributors in the humanitarian Medicine and human science, which will give the chance to students of medicine in the world to cope, look and go into Medical Science and all discplines. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ explained for the website team that the university is keen to honor the outstanding students in order to create a spirit of competition and perseverance among students to improve the science, he also  stressed the need to honor each scientific activity  that serves the scientific course of the university. He has instructed during the University Council holding that the University Council should adopt all distinguished students’ projects and honored them, so as to raise the morale of the students and guiding them towards progress , excellence and intellectual development.

Prof. Dr. Mohi Kadhem ,Dean of the college of Medicine presented a gift to the students for their excellence , he also thanked Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein  for his great sponsorship to the  outstanding students and their interest in the Scientific Aspects as well as   their  support to achieve coping with the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world.

Then ,the honored  students offer their thanks to the President of the University and the University Council and expressed their great happiness for this support and assistance, explaining in a brief speech the importance of joining this world organization, which would improve the global connectivity with their peers in universities in the world as they keep in touch with the Association through their websites and through their periodic attendance of the meetings of the organization, where its headquarter is in France which provides students with the latest  advanced scientific sources and other data of  the latest medical equipment and health supplies. The website team has attended the University Council and documented the honor of the President of the University for the outstanding students.

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