The university’s nursery is a kingdom of flowers

The flowers have a beautiful role in the life of the university since they share the university’s celebrations, events , conferences throughout the year. The university’s nursery is shaping the civilized appearance, aesthetic appeal and eco-system of the university since it has a prominent role in its life when receiving its guests. By holding the flowers’ festival,  the anniversary celebrates its anniversary, the tree holiday and the graduation of university’s students. The flowers are planted in gardens so that the university would be beautiful with a clean environment and a stunning nature. The university’s nursery that belongs to the department of diwan affairs represents a world of flowers and plants and it is on his way to be one of the best nurseries at local and regional levels where it witnessed successive developments and advanced steps, such as establishing a modern plastic house recently on an area of ​​a thousand square meters in addition to a laboratory for plant propagation and seed germination with a workshop to coordinate flowers. Dr. Mohsen al-Shammari, director of diwan affairs at the university and director of the agricultural division confirmed that this department pays attention to the  ornamental science for being a vital unit that supplies the university with various flowers and indoor plants that give beauty for the place and there are great efforts made to develop the nursery and expanding it. The website of the university of Baghdad made a tour in the university’s nursery to document the most important achievements of it. The director of ornamental science,Dr. Hassan Mryosh Askar talked about the most important developments and achievements saying: “the university’s nursery is considered as a center for producing flowers and ornamental plants like Jouri, clove, Jerbera, Daoudi. There are seasonal flowers which are used to gardens’ coordination and landscaping like al-Jaafari, kaddifah, Betonaa and Zeinaa in addition to producing ornamental plants like trees and shrubs such as Fix, Albezia, Tekuma, cat’s claw, rose, Cochea and Intran”.

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