Al-Kindy college of medicine held its international scientific conference

Under the auspices of the minister of higher education and scientific research prof. Ali Mohammed Hussein al-Adeeb and by the supervision of the President of the university of Baghdad prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul, al-Kindy college of medicine at the university of Baghdad held its  international scientific conference under the slogan (by the modern medical education we keep up with the global development and offer the best health care). The major conference hall at the college witnessed a wide official and academic presence including several representatives of the governmental ministries, international organizations, presidents of universities in Iraq. The ceremony started with reading Koran and playing the republican anthem.  The dean of al-Kindy college of medicine and chairman prof. Dr. Sadik Abbas delivered a speech in which he welcomed  the attendants who endured the fatigue of travel, wishing them a good stay in their second country (Iraq). He added saying that “we are in Mesopotamia working hard to provide the best doctors to offer assistance to patients and to the Iraqi family through the adoption of the medical regulations and mechanisms applicable all over the world”. He noted that al-Kindy college of medicine embarked for more than two years to change the curriculum and infrastructure of the college to keep pace with global developments like a beehive to get the reliability certificate to restore the Iraqi medical certificate of Iraq to its natural position among the countries of the world so that our college became the headquarters of the Arab Board within and outside Iraq and it receives now more than (150) students while in the past we were receiving only (50) students. Then the President of the university of Baghdad prof, Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul gave a speech where he pointed out that “the slogan of the conference is great in every sense of the meaning, so we want a distinct doctor despite the fact that excellence of the Iraqi doctor became evident and this is what we confirm during our recurrent meetings with many universities, especially the American and the British ones that refer to the distinction of the Iraqi student academically and that he attained excellence on the students of the other countries of the world, so I wanted to say that the imbalance is not in the scientific curricula but in how to present them to our children so we have to reconsider the use of the best ways to receive the patient and provide him with the necessary service. We notice at general that the medical diagnosis in Iraq is the same diagnosis in force at the world ‘s major hospitals, but the difference is in the quality of service provided to the patient, so i stress on educating our dear students so they handle patient in a good way”. The conference included a documentary film reviewing the developments in the infrastructure of the college, developing laboratories, buildings, modern libraries containing high – level medical sources, classrooms, distinct anatomy halls with best equipments that exceed those in the other colleges of medicine in the world. As a guest, prof. Dr. Salman al-Rawaf of the British royal college said that the relationship between the student and the professor must be built on teamwork away from the complexities and titles created by certain circumstances and times, especially in third world countries and what is important in the work of doctors is to provide the best services to citizens. He talked about the type of the services provided to the people of his district in Britain since he served as health official in south London. The dean granted memorial shields to the representative of the world health organization (WHO), president of the university of Baghdad, president of the university of Dhi Qar, the adviser of the deputy of Prime Minister, dean of the college of medicine at Kufa university, the representative of the ministry of health and the representative of the Arab board prof. Dr. Salman al-Rawaf, prof. Dr. Roxanne Hussein, head of the medical education unit at the world university in Malaysia. After the completing speeches, meetings and distributing gifts to the guests, the conference witnessed several sessions lasted for two days that addressed a lot of scientific researches in various medical specialties where the scientific reliability certificate of of professor Dr. Robert from u.s was discussed in the first day then the steps of reliability of professor Dr. Alim Malik, dean of the world college in Malaysia was discussed. Prof. Dr. Roxanne Hussein, head of the medical education unit at world university in Malaysia presented a research about the approved documents  for reliability. At last prof. Dr. (Majendrsng) from India concluded the first day with a research about the modern medical education. The third and and the last day of the conference witnessed reviewing and discussing the researches presented by various researchers in surgical, basic science, esoteric, kids, women and community medicine aspects.

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