A scientific cooperation between the university of Baghdad and Farabi college

Within the strategy of our university in  promoting higher education and the cooperation with other universities, especially the new ones, supplying them with expertise, scientific and academic capacities as the university of Baghdad gained an advanced position among other Iraqi universities in international rankings and the first position in two global rankings: “Webometrics Ranking” and “QS”, to strengthen the bonds of scientific and academic cooperation, to provide a suitable scientific environment to ensure diligence and excellence, the university of Baghdad held an intensive course for using modern methods in education in Farabi college in (3) hours a day with the participation of (38) instructors from the mentioned college of different specialties, titles and certificates.

 It included e-learning and the ways to achieve it in Iraqi, its importance for the learner, professor and the educational institution in addition to the use of modern technology in manufacturing educational bags, managing  classrooms, using powerpoint, educational films, explaining blackboard and model systems. Also the course included methods of academic presentation such as lecture, discussion, brainstorming and the benefits of each method. The assistant professor Hisham Abd Manaf al-Zubaidi from the advisory office for information systems and computers at the center of computer in our university lectured in this course. Farabi college is a new civil college that obtained the approval of the council of ministers since (2012) and it has several departments like architecture, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, computer engineering, information and law.

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