The college of law at the university of Baghdad celebrates its 105th anniversary

The college of law at the university of Baghdad celebrated its anniversary amid an atmosphere of joy and delight prevailed among the attendants after 105 years of its foundation with the presence of a number of parliamentary, academic and legal figures including the deputy Mr. Mahmoud al-Hassan, the inspector general in the ministry of justice prof. Amin al-Asadi, colleges’ deans, professors, students and staff. The Dean, prof. Dr. Jamal Ibrahim al-Haidari in a speech at the opening ceremony reviewed the history of foundation of the first and the oldest college at the university of Baghdad which dates to 1908. He presented an overview of the pioneering role it has played in the history of Iraq and the figures it begotten who led the vital and important state institutions. Prof. Dr. Jamal al – Haidari gave a detailed explanation of the developments witnessed by the college in various fields, especially in developing curricula, following modern methods of teaching culminating in obtaining the membership of the reliability and quality from the international accreditation organization (IAO). He added that this achievement is not an easy one for it enhanced the status of  the college and the university that entered the world ranking among ( 25000) Universities and received the (601) rank. Also he explained that this achievement resulted in scientific projects serving the society. The dean dealt with projects like the legal awareness project in the light of taking the role of legal awareness by some students in primary and intermediate schools in the fields of traffic, municipal and health systems and others that matter for community to supplement state departments and ministries with all studies, draft laws and legal advices by the advisory office and continuing education unit. As well as the legal clinic that provides legal advices to the poor classes in society such as widows, orphans and plead for them free of charge through contraction with lawyers for this purpose. At the end of his speech, the dean called all the teams operating in the college to make every possible effort to improve the college and its role in serving Iraq. For his part, the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein during his attendance said  “We hope success to the college of Law and we hope that the judicial authority would exist everywhere to build the institutions”, he added, “The students of the college of Law are an extension of the formal and the current real role of the college, and who visits the Museum of the college will know what is law and what is the college and we hope that the professors and the students are the best in representing law in the country of law”. The celebration platform included inaugurating the college’s Museum that documented the history of the college in its long run extending to more than a century which included documentary photographs of the names of deans, professors and graduates who assumed legal and administrative positions in the Iraqi state, besides the scientific, athletic and artistic activities of the college in addition to opening a gallery of legal books authored by the instructors. Also the college students organized a painting exhibition of various topics present in their imagination and their daily realities. The unit of art education made a theatrical show and delivered poems met with appreciation and encouragement by the  attendants. At the end of the ceremony, the instructors with new scientific titles were honored, as well as the outstanding members, top students and the participants in athletic and artistic activities.

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