The university of Baghdad participates in the tenth festival of Arab brothers

The university of Baghdad participated in the tenth festival of Arab brothers which was held at the global station of Iraqi rail under the auspices of the ministry of culture and in celebration of Baghdad as the capital of Arab Culture 2013 under the slogan (let’s warble high for Baghdad -the civilization and peace-) in the widest cultural artistic and tourist manifestation. The director of the department of information and public relations at the university of Baghdad said that the festival is an embodiment of the unity of Iraq, an enhancement of its Arab and global position and embracing the promising talents and energies. The festival is considered as one of the annual festivals held by the amateur and the inventors like artists, intellectuals, journalists and academics with the participation of civil society’s organizations. He added that this ceremony and these handmade activities have a highly symbolic value for they link history with the civilization of nations and peoples and that this ongoing spirituality of the Iraqi inventor causing perplexity since the Iraqi man is always creative, diverse and outstanding despite all the conditions. Prof. Dr. Hussein Yusuf, the assistant of the university’ president  for administrative affairs inaugurated  a private suite and he praised the products shown by the college of education for women that held a fair for the department of home economics that included a presentation of costumes and handmade textile and artistic products. Also the colleges of agriculture and sciences for women participated with a fair for honey products and agricultural plants, as well as the department of information and public relations at the presidency of the university participated with an exhibition of journalistic publications in addition to the participation of the department of physical education and art activities with paintings and ceramic works. The festival of this year included Arabic participation like al-Hawraa cultural Foundation from Lebanon, the artist Nizar al-Muhtasib, the Artist Tami al-Rasam from Syria, and groups of Iraqi expatriates from the U.K, Germany, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan.

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