The college of languages at the university of ​​Baghdad discusses the developments in teaching German language in world universities

The department of German language in the college of languages at the university of Baghdad held a ​​seminar on the participation of the instructors in the works of the Fifteenth International Conference of Teachers of German language which was held in the Italian city (Posen). The two instructors, Dr. Mohammad Ismail Shabib, and the assistant professor Mohammed Chalob Wasmi presented a two – day presentation of the most important and the most prominent proceedings of the mentioned conference  which was held under the slogan ” the German language from the inside, the German language from abroad”. The two instructors  pointed out that the conference dealt with the problems of teaching civilization and foreign culture in universities and the need to understand the social and cultural phenomena in the countries that teach the German language. They also stressed on the necessity of studying the problems and the obstacles of teaching these topics and addressing the lack of information related to. The seminar workshop was attended by Head of the department of German language, its professors and students.

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