An athlete at the University of Baghdad gains two golden medals in the International Taekwondo championship in Florida

Dr. Ali Miseer, the instructor in the college of physical education and the director of follow-up department at the University of Baghdad, gained two gold medals in the all-star International Championship held in Florida, USA. Dr. Ali said “the matches were held in Walt Disney resort that is the largest and the most famous resort in the world in the international Taekwondo championship with the participation of (69) countries and the Iraqi team consisting of three players accompanied by the coach won the World mill championship with three weights, while we won the golden medal for over heavy weight after overcoming the Mexican player”. He added ,” the second golden medal they won in Taekwondo fighting, while the rest of the team’ players won the first golden medal internationally so that Iraq won three international golden medals in this championship”. Taekwondo is one of the traditional Korean fighting arts much more than just a physical combat skill. This sport appeared in Korea and known since more than 2000 years, created and developed by the people as a means of self-defense because of many civil wars and the difficulty of living amid predators all that forced the Korean to think of a way to defend himself against invaders and animals from which he began learning the methods of defense and rapid pounce. Although Taekwondo depends largely on kicks, at the same time it does not neglect using punches. The sport of milling is one of the games that depends on force in cracking stratified wooden pieces or the like, based primarily on energy system, focus system and breathing system so if these systems were in control, they will give their outcome.