The college of veterinary medicine at the university of Baghdad discusses aquatic bags diseases and the ways to limit its spread

The college of veterinary medicine at the university of Baghdad held in cooperation with the association for common and transitional diseases control  in Iraq a scientific symposium entitled aquatic bags and the dean prof. Dr. Bara Najim Abdullah gave a speech for evaluating the efforts made by the organizers, noting the interest of the college in organizing and hosting many activities and scientific symposiums aiming at building bridges of communication and cooperation between the college and the other scientific institutions so as to be a forum for researchers and those interested in such activities to achieve the slogan “the university in the service of the community”. The symposium included lectures on water bags, its epidemic, and the modern technologies to diagnose various cases, strategic means for prevention and controling it and how the immunology occurs in the original and the central hosts against it.  At the end of the scientific symposium a discussion and a conversation were opened which included providing scientific interventions that enriched the subject most of which are poured in one stream that is to limit the spread of this disease, controling it, disseminating the health awareness and exchange of experiences between the different sectors. The symposium was attended by the heads of scientific departments, researchers, instructors, postgraduate students, a number of veterinary doctors from the department of veterinary and livestock department who are subordinated to the ministry of agriculture.

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