Swedish Ambassador Shows Great Admiration of Our University

Swedish Ambassador Shows Great Admiration of Our University

After the university becomes the focus of attention of senior scientists, intellectuals , leaders and global educational institutions, and having expanded and graduated a huge number of graduates, competencies and inimitable personalities in the society, the university earned a special place among Iraqi and Arab universities, even the international  universities , so a lot of  showed much interest in communicating with our university and develop the relations and exchange the scientific and cultural experiences .In this regard Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul hussein president of the University of Baghdad received Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden Mr. Jorgen Lindstorm to develop the scientific and cultural relations. Assistant Professor Alaa’ Kareem , the scientific Assistant and Assistant Professor Sabah  Al-Azzawi, director of cultural relations and instructor AbdulKareem Mounir Director of Office of President of the University and
the editor of the website, all attended the meeting , where the President of the University welcomed the Ambassador and the accompanying delegation, noting that the university is seeking to develop relations with Sweden in the scientific and cultural fields, as it hopes to  communicate with all Swedish universities and universities of the world, in return the Swedish ambassador expressed his happiness to visit the University of Baghdad and his desire to develop relations between the University of Baghdad and the Swedish universities.


   Mr. Alaa Abdulhussein explained to the Ambassador that the  University is serious  in cooperating and increasing the cultural and scientific ties between the  Swedish universities and our university, our university can accomplish  scientific and cultural gains through communication or intellectual blending between Swedish universities and our university, especially in the rare scientific disciplines or recently  developed, which the  researcher , professor and the student in our university needed. The fact that our university did not stop at a certain point in questing to cope with science or twin with major international universities.

   The university has developed its potential with rare scientific disciplines and continues to establish and plan for the development of new scientific sections of modern and rare disciplines. We seek that through workshops between our university and Swedish universities or fellowships, or scholarships or scientific conferences and other scientific and cultural activities that  fulfilling cognitive and academic gain for our students and our teachers at the university, and at both practical and theoretical sides, as we seek to put real effective touches towards this potential executable trend, through serious mechanisms that we wish  including in the field of exchange of experiences of professors between our university and your discreet universities , explaining that the university has several memorandums of understanding with major international universities and educational institutions, Which resulted in the establishment of many training centers in our university or fellowship, or scholarships or areas of publishing scientific researches in  discreet scientific and referred journals. The university .President also explained some of the obstacles faced by the Iraqi researcher in some countries like the difficulty of obtaining a visa or residence or universities admission hoping to help our students and researchers in order to achieve scientific interest. The university president stated that the Ministry of Higher Education put programs for research and development, by sending a large number of graduates to complete postgraduate studies in European or American or Canadian universities, as well as there are missions for our students and their supervisors to conduct research field visits to complete the requirements of the study of master’s or doctoral and this can be achieved with Swedish universities if effective mechanisms are provided like  the reception of students and supervisors, and grant  them the universities admission  to complete the requirements of scientific researches , as well as is the case with our  professors being scientifically  devoted  in your discreet universities .The university president referred to the freedom of students  in selecting his  University within his academic specialization, and his choice of language that has a great role for choosing the universities, which requires providing  more facilities for the students.


  Swedish Ambassador expressed his pleasure of being in Iraq and his delight of visiting Baghdad University, expressing his great admiration of the university and its scientific developed facilities indicating the desire of Sweden in consolidating the cultural relations and strive to be expanded to serve the interests of the two countries. The Embassy of Sweden in Iraqis is one of the large Swedish embassies. He hopes to achieve a large and wide development and relations, and hopes that a lot of Swedes find in Iraq a study and education, especially since a lot of Iraqis living in Sweden and that many of them are completing their study in Iraq. We seek to develop relations seriously by providing opportunities for study and Swedish fellowships in our university. As well as  we want to offer everything we can of the services for  the Iraqi envoys, and try to find the most appropriate ways to provide visas for Iraqis, and the most suitable solutions in providing accommodation for Iraqi students, as we enjoy many discrete universities .We have many programs for the development and  we offer students programs in language learning, as well as we have more superior and advanced scientific disciplines the fields of engineering, medicine and other prestigious disciplines .Then the ambassador presented a symbolic gift to the University of Baghdad, which is  a folder of a scientific Encyclopedia about scientific phenomena in Sweden, which is a symbol of friendship and cultural cooperation. In return, Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussain, President of the University submited a gift to the Ambassador of Sweden, which is a shield of the university as a symbol of cooperation and good mutual relations. The Ambassador has asked to make a tour in the University of Baghdad and the president of the university welcomed this tour providing all the possibilities for the establishment of the tour and under the supervision of Dr. AlaaKareem, the Scientific Assistant.


   The Swedish Ambassador had a tour in the corridors ,courtyards and gardens of the university , accompanied by Dr. Alaa’ Kareem ,Dr. Sabah al-Azzawi and editor of the website , he visited the Central Library and met  the Secretary of the library, inquiring  about the nature of the services provided by the central library for students and researchers , as well as he viewed some archival pictures for landmarks of  Iraq and Baghdad  . After that the Ambassador visited the college  of Engineering and toured the passages  and met the first professor in Iraq Prof. Dr. Abbas Salimon, then met Dean of college  of Engineering and some professors , who welcomed  the Ambassador and expressed his happiness of being hosted by the   Departments and scientific facilities, then the Ambassador visited College of Political Science and met the Dean of the College ,who  gave a brief introduction about the college and its scientific disciplines and some of the scientific activities ,he also presented a collection of books and scientific journals as a gift to the Ambassador. Then the Ambassador had a tour in the corridors of the college of Political Science and viewed the gardens and artificial lakes and squares, and expressed his admiration of the aesthetics landscapes of the university. Later the ambassador met one of the students of our university who speaks Swedish, expressing his satisfaction with the student and the ambition and desire he has for education. The Ambassador also visited Institute of genetic Engineering and  met the Dean and some professors of the Institute , explaining some details and information about the history of the Institute and its e scientific disciplines .The Dean presented a shield of the Institute as a  gift to the ambassador thanking his visit .Finally  the ambassador thanked  and  expressed his deep appreciation to Prof. Dr. Alaa’  Abdulhussein ,the University President and Professor Alaa’ Kareem ,the Scientific Assistant and who accompanied him in  his tour of the university, expressing his delight of this tour  which he described as being wonderful  , hoping to communicate with the university and its scientific and cultural activities .The  editor of the website has conducted a brief dialogue with Swedish ambassador about his impressions of the University of Baghdad during his tour , he described the university  as one of the beautiful and luxurious universities and we seek  to develop the scientific cultural relations , we will keep working with the university to make  cultural and scientific bonds of cooperation . The website team has documented the meeting and the tour of the ambassador at the university with a set of photographs.

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