Huge Preparations of the Largest Graduation Ceremony in the Middle East

Huge Preparations of the Largest Graduation Ceremony in the Middle East

The university is preparing for the largest celebration that the Arab world and the Middle East witnessed, where a new group of graduates will graduate from the University of Baghdad for the course  56 ” coexistence and loving,” and in the stadiums of the   college  of Physical Education, Jadiriya compound. A representative of the President of the Republic, a representative of the Prime Minister and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research will attend the ceremony, in addition to a large number of the figures in the Iraqi parliament and the government .This ceremony will be held at six o’clock in the evening on Saturday, 09/21/2013 and it will include several paragraphs and events as well as honoring top students of the colleges and university.

  the president  of the university Prof. Dr. Alaa ‘Abdulhussein  explained for  our website that this year will be full of surprises for our dear students, to our belief fully that our society deserves our appreciation and goodness, so we’re going to serve the society  in graduating the most important and the best scientific competent  that meet the aspirations and ambitions of the society , Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein has instructed  few months ago to form a preparatory committee of  the celebration for the purpose of providing the best image of the university and the best in this celebration and instructed that the ceremony this year will be distinctive, where the university president  will supervise personally  the ceremony  to overcome all the obstacles, as he makes  field visits to stadiums of the  college of Physical of Education where  training of the celebration is held.

   The website Administration followed –up  these preparations and conducted a meeting with the President of the Preparatory Committee for the celebration, Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa’ Kareem, Scientific Assistant of president  who told us that the settings and preparations of the workshops and laboratories are now in full swing in the stadiums and corridors of the University of Baghdad a. The preparation of decorations and the audiovisual and the lighting effects of the celebration is completed, as a giant and unique screen was erected in the stadium of the college in order to transfer the activities of celebration for the attendance at the stadium. An entire building under the platform of the stadium also is created to accommodate the audience and provide services to the guests and was furnished with the most appropriate and beautiful modern furniture,  and  the flooring pitch and al tartan has also been maintained  organized  and planned .Many  loyal and loving the nation and society workers for  the success of this celebration of this year and we completed about  99% of the preparations for the celebration, which we hope to obtain satisfaction of our Iraqi society , where all the flags of Iraq , the colleges and the university with landmarks decorations were set up and prepared, as well as the preparation of the training and rehearsals of  walking and review of the ceremony is completed. Invitations to attend the celebration are sent to the ministries and to the members of the diplomatic crops and some officials.
   Dr. Alaa’ Kareem added that a lot of pleasant surprises will be through the celebration adding that the celebration will begin with faction of the military college holding Iraqi flags accompanied by the choir of the music of the College of the military. The setting of the media campaigns that will accompany the celebration and organization to receive large numbers of satellite channels and media institutions that would attend the celebration has also been prepared. Iraqiya Channel will broadcast  the ceremony alive .

   Prof. Dr. Hussein Yousef the administrative assistant stated that all potentials for this celebration were done  which represents the first of the University’s s throughout the whole year that we graduate a group of academic competent of doctors, engineers, scientists and experts, writers, artists, journalists, pharmacists, teachers and counselors working in one pot to serve the society , and all of the University  administartive departments have put  their efforts to have a typical celebration of all celebrations in the Middle East and the Arab world. Our website will broadcast the events alive  on the site and cover exceptionally for the importance of this celebration. It is expected that the website will photograph more than 5,000 photographs, documenting more than 40 video hours of for the preparations of this celebration.
    As well as coordination with all stakeholders, and to prepare for a special program to accommodate the large numbers, which is expected to exceed more than 1,000 visitors in this celebration. There will be generous Arabian hospitality for the attendance and  welcoming and receiving  the r graduates and their precious families . The distribution of graduate garments for gradutated students have been completed .It is coordinated with Dr. Hussein al-Tai, Director of Student Affairs at the University to prepare  lists of graduates of this year after the announcement of the results of the examinations in the colleges.
   The website administration documented all the events and activities undertaken by the University of the intensive preparations of graduation ceremony, and blessed the graduates of our university (the mother) and congratulated them and wish them success in building our dear country and will continue with the recipients of the website providing them  all the instructions and achievements of this year .
   The website forms a special team to cover the ceremony and in agreement with Dr. Kadhem Omran, Director of University Media to pursue all the media teams and to facilitate their work, which will cover the ceremony. It  is expected that more than 70 satellite channels , television station and the competent media Foundation will  attend the ceremony , mentioning  that Al-Iraqiya Channel  according to what Dr. Alaa’ Kreem stated will broadcast the  ceremony alive for its  paramount importance.

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