Baghdad University Announces the Beginning of Submission of the Evening Study of the Academic Year 2013 -2014

University of Baghdad announces the beginning of the submission of evening study  of the academic year 2013 -2014 from  19/08/2013 until  08 /10/2013 for the colleges (College of Education, Ibn al-Haytham, college of Management and Economics, college of Physical Education for Girls, college  of Fine Arts, College of Nursing, College of languages​​, College of arts , college of Education- Ibn Rushd , college  of Islamic Science, college  of Science, college  of Physical Education, college  of political Science, College of Education for girls , and  the submission will  be electronically through the link :

Students who are passed or in the second attempt  of the academic year 2012 /2013 and those passed  in previous years , graduates of of scientific and literary branches and professional sections that are  contained in the application controls of evening study of the academic year 2013 /2014
 The university has allocated four centers for guidance and electronic  checks to facilitate the task of completing the evening  study, they are :
 1 – College of Education Center of  Pure Science  / Ibn al-Haytham (in Adhamiya district).
 2 – College of Business and Economics (in Waziriya district).
 3 – College  of Languages ​​(in the compound of Bab al- Mu’dham ).
 4 -College of Science (in Jadiriya compound).

     You can go to the center near to the place of  your residence.

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