University of Baghdad allocates buses to lift students and their families to postgraduate students ceremony of coexistence and affection

The central committee of the ( 56 ) postgraduate ceremony planned under the slogan ( co – existence and affection ) held its third meeting in the presidency of Baghdad university . The president of the university prof. dr. Alaa Hussein Abdul Rasoul and the scientific assistant the the president of university prof. dr. Alla Karim Muhammad attended the meeting, also it was attended by the dean of the college of physical education dr. Riyadh Khalil, the dean of the college of physical education for Women dr. Muna al – Badri, the director of students affairs and certifications department dr. Amar Tahir, director of department of university sport and art education dr. Muhammad Kadhim, director of al – diwan affairs dr. Muhsin Abdullah, director of accounts in university Muhammad Fathi and the decision – maker of the committee Najat Ali . The president of university emphasized on necessity of unifying all efforts to organize the ceremony held in 21 September distinctively in a way befits with this grand university . He hinted to past ceremonies which were distinctive but not devoid of faults that should be overcomed to achieve a fascinating laying out . He instructed to reduce its items so not be boring , and the importance of variation and harmony between time and procession of the colleges , the appropriate weather to have populous audience and overcoming any confusion during it . He was informed about the t.v and radio break and the logo of celebration, giving his remarks and saying that the proper promotion is necessary in projecting the civilizational aspects of such a  deep – rooted and an oldest university . He emphasized on providing buses for students and families from different places in Baghdad , their seats and the platform for senior guests . He was kept account of the carrying on preparations and overcoming any obstacles facing the preparatory committee, expressing his gratitude and appreciation for its members for enhancing the ceremony ‘s level in accordance with its slogan ( co – existence and affection ) . The items of the 2nd meeting ‘s minutes and the suggested budget for different activities were discussed to complete all the needed equipments early .

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