University of Baghdad , the first in spreading Science and Knowledge through the Media

  University of Baghdad achieved the first rank  among the Iraqi universities in  supplying news and achieving media coverage related  to the academic and scientific activities in various media, to be another accomplishment added to the university‘s record of excellence .

 Dr. Kadhem Omran Musa, director of media and public relations, University of Baghdad said:
‘ The
considerable efforts made by the editorial boards news at the University Centre, and
subsidiary formations of colleges , institutes , centers and departments have had a large participation to continue  the progress of  the university in the fields of possession of being the top in more than global and regional rating.’
He added :   University
of Baghdad got the  first rank  ,according to the classification of Public Relations and Media at the ministry, among Iraqi universities by providing the  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of news and media coverage which aimed at spreading science and knowledge to serve the  goals of development and progress .

The director of the Department of Media  and Public Relations stressed : the efforts of the employees of  the mother of Iraqi universities, the University of Baghdad, continue in all areas: at the local, regional and international levels, in order to continue the progress and advancement  of scientific quality, and to befit the status of the  Iraqi Professor or scientist and his developed products in the world  .


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