Our University Proudness

Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein makes a field and inspection visit  ,as  untraditional and  follow-up approach, to all the administrative and scientific sections of the university in the presidency of the university, Jadirriya tower, to stand at all stages and work joints in the field. The president of the university was accompanied by Engineer AbdulKareem Mounir Director of Office of President of the University, Dr. Mohsen Al Shammari Director of office Affairs and Dr. Abdulbasset Salman, editor of the website and engineer Bassim Hamid Director of website. This visit came at the beginning of preparations of the new academic year which the president of the university stressed that it must be a superior and distinctive year because the steps that the university took but moving always forward.

The university president during his visit discussed with many of the male and female employees in the academic  promotions department and see a lot of details promising to find typical solutions and  measures that cope with the developments taking place in the age , he stressed also the need to expedite the completion of faculty transactions without any delay and within the academic guidelines followed in the university which are  in line with the top universities ,having a look at to the size of the promotions that were superior always on the rest of the Iraqi universities or universities of the Middle East in terms of type and academic strength  .He  also visited the Department of Scientific Affairs and stressed the need to focus on the scientific achievements of the professors who participated ​​in scientific conferences and in journals of “Impact Factor”,

He stressed to highlight the role of scientists and their role in serving the society and providing the scientific strenuous efforts of in order to revitalize the society. He has discussed with the Director of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Wahid Nasser regarding the scientific strategies of university and the work, the implementation of direct support and the assignment of the discreet educational process and thoughtful approach that is supported with the latest modern electronic software. The Director of Scientific Affairs stated the size of scientific innovations and advanced researches enjoyed by our university, explaining the amount of the innovations and scientific inventions made by professors and researchers of the university.
 Then the President of the University visited the Department of Planning and briefed all charts, data and administrative units, stressing the global approach to update the data of the University and all colleges and professors and associate staffs .He also  discussed with the  staff the adopted techniques in the download or update of the data, ordering to save more modern techniques and at the same time providing electronic network communication that accelerate processing, developing and updating the data , and then he  inquired all workers about the work requirements or obstacles they  face and instructed to provide additional rooms and expand the site for staff and providing of furniture for some. The Director of Planning stated that (our university is in progress in terms of the implementation of the strategic plans adopted by the university, and the number of scholars of our university are more than the rest of the other universities, and they enjoy according to the available data the super-advanced qualifications and possibilities regarding  the universities in Iraq or the Middle East), and he  reviewed all graphic drawings , documents and statistics data that are carried out and dealt with the latest scientific programs in statistics and data collection.
Then the President of the University visited the Department of sport activity and art education and Dr. Mohammed al-Rubaie director of sport and  artistic activities received him and the president viewed  the achievements and results of  the department, and also viewed  the awards and trophies won by teams of Baghdad University gaining victory over  most of the sport teams of  the other universities, where the university earned many advanced ranks  in Sport games, and gained scientific prizes, regional and international certificates in the field of art and creativity. The university president then discussed the reality of sport and art at the university, at the level of university staff, stressing the development of sport for the staff at the university and not the students only because a sound  mind is  in a sound body and that the university desperately needs the employees to be physically fit to lead their works in accordance with the right direction and approach, and he  instructed to establish Championships sports for staff, especially during the holiday to provide an opportunity for employees to engage in sport .He also visited the Department of Quality Assurance and university performance and viewed the work and the results of the assessment for the last  and this year, stressing the need to focus on the scientific approach of  the assessment, he viewed also  the data of professors and their superiority and advanced  performance that grows and  won the advanced ranks  according to the Central  statistics , results and evaluations .The university president visited also the contracts department, the Department of Media and Relations and the other departments, and viewed the progress of work and discussed all things and belongings of work, stressing that the work must be in accordance with a balanced rhythm and according to the unlimited aspiration and ambition, in order to raise the university to the highest and the best standards, we should also find more developed mechanisms of action and progress. The website team accompanied the visit and documented it with a set of photographs.

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