Electronic Admission of Postgraduate Studies

Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa’ Kareem Mohammed ,the scientific Assistant of the university president said in an interview that  the university has completed the necessary arrangements of the work of electronic application for postgraduate Studies, and the postgraduate studies applicants can use the special electronic form, which is placed on the University’s website, the scientific assistant has praised the efforts of the Department of postgraduate Studies at the University of Baghdad and in particular Head department Ms. Dr. Intisar Noaman, for her great efforts in following up  the implementation of the program over the past month, and her great interest in accomplishing it  on time. The Scientific Assistant Professor Mohammad Muzaffar of the Department of postgraduate Studies also thanked the efforts made in preparing the program, which is one of the sensitive and honest programs, and at the same time is unmistakable and forgetful, and the Head of the Department of postgraduate Studies has pointed out that it is possible for any postgraduate studies applicant to use electronic form in the website of the department , as well as the website of the university, and he can find the application conditions and controls which was developed in line with the students, without any differentiation to do justice to all students without differentiation or loss of the right of any of them as the program focuses on the efficiency and the average of the student Dr. Intisar showed that there is an English test exam, as well as test of the efficiency of the computer for postgraduate applicants .

The Department of Postgraduate Studies at the university has completed all the arrangements and then coordinate with the formations of the university to complete the above mentioned tests according to regulations and instructions. Mr. Mohammed Muzaffar stated in a meeting with the website team of the university that special following-up arrangements of the electronic application continues to receive inquiries or clarifications of  all applicants and respond daily until 3 a.m. Mr. Scientific Assistant also praised the cooperation of the Computer Center at the University through coordination with the Department of the Internet, and in particular thanked each of Prof. Dr. Ghassan Hamid ,director of the center, as well as engineer Rami Wathiq Yassin. Mr. Scientific Assistant concluded his meeting assuring the effort of the university and its commitment in the organization of the work within the scientific guidelines that are followed at the best universities in the world in the  developed countries, At the end of the meeting the Scientific Assistant thanked the Website Team for their exerted effort  to follow-up the activities of the University and posted them on the Website. The applicant can get all the terms and conditions of admission by our university link below:http://www.hs.uob.edu.iq/Initial.aspx

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