Our Ambitions Accelerates Time

Our Ambitions Accelerates Time
University president Meets Website Administration

  Having achieved advanced and distinctive centers among international universities and universities of Arab States and the Middle East, and after the Website becomes an important part in education and the university administration and through the measures and initiatives that the site did to coordinate , organize and display the work in general , so it was inquisitive to maintain the top and progress which is our concern at the beginning of the meeting with Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein, head of Baghdad University, where he began his speech by asking for a plan to make the Website in deeper access to compete with the major international universities that university president is looking forward to make our university equal to them , although he has expressed his admiration of the website and the new and advanced assessments, but one of the ambitions that we seek greater than we are in, because our university is not like other universities, but is unique if compared with other universities, especially because it was and is still the focus of everyone’s attention at home and abroad, which is why we have to be according to Advanced evolutionary approach, stressing the importance of the websites in the development of education globally and to enjoy the great potential for education, in the dissemination of curricula, data and knowledge, science and rigorous scientific and quick manner, to verify the cognitive acquisitions.

  The meeting is characterized generally as severe diligence to be the largest and most comprehensive university for everyone to imagine, it is eligible to undermine this important or this prestigious status, and with the presence of Prof. Dr. Riadh Aziz Hadi Scientific Assistant of the university president, and Abdul Karim Mounir Director of Office of President of the University. The University president met also Prof Dr. Abdulbassit Salman, editor of the website and assistant teacher Bassim Hamid director of website and Prof. Dr. Hassan Mandeel Arabic language expert at the website also joined the meeting, making it the first meeting of the President of the University with the website administration. Attention of Mr. President is focused on making the University of Baghdad in the advanced ranks always, stressing that the reputation of Baghdad University exceeds its counterparts from the universities of Iraq or the Middle East, noting that maintaining the advanced ranks may be harder than reaching the advanced ranks, no value of advanced rank if not deserved, and can not be at all to maintain the advanced rank unless we are qualified for it. Here the interest was to search for a new plan to preserve the advanced ranks, and extend the university towards best ranks in international , and the editor of the website has displayed the mechanisms used in upgrading the website, and also explained some of the modern ways in motivating and activating the website to make it an ideal, adding – the president – new mechanisms to deal with the administration of websites for some colleges and institutes of the site.

  The point of view of Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein is to be dealing in good faith with everyone, to look hard and carefully to the details of things and to judge according to a scientific perspective within mechanisms and scientific approach as in the adavanced universities , citing some examples of some universities: there are small universities , running the work according to a mechanism that exceeds the one used in large universities , simultaneously we find some institutions have the potential , but the mechanism of work and systems used do not make progress or development , so more suffering face such universities, from here we have to find effective method and the correct and discreet ways , which did not allow for any of its Affiliates to neglect his performance.

  Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi explained to the president of the university the active role achieved by website in improving performance of the University, and played an important role in the dissemination of a huge amount of data and scientific knowledge that the student and professor at the University needed, as this role is of great importance in the development of performance, he enhanced his large confidence in the coming days, God willing, to get a distinctive and large status and Professor Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi has paid great attention to the website in the last period and support it with devotion and eagerness, to develop and improve the performance, as well as engineer Abdul Karim Mounir Director of Office of President of the University explained that the website and by virtue of its association directly with the predident of the university has been able to achieve significant strides to the performance of the university in general, through the role of the website to monitor many attitudes and situations that require direct intervention and lucid decision from the university president, and the Website has formed an important link with all the university formations , and the interference of the university president of the direct style was important to provide the performance of the website with progress , to overcome the routine or bureaucracy, as the nature of work of the website is determined not to a definite time , but there are times require late work after midnight and that the nature of the work requires togetherness and teamworking .Prof. Dr. Abdulbassit said also that website has launched with very modest possibilities not worth mentioning, and dashed semi personal efforts .After the website was outside the world rankings, without any degree of twenty thousand degrees, but now and thank God the website and in record time offers more than sixteen thousand degrees, a fictionalfigure in theglobal assessments history, where no university in the world reached this progress according to and this time, so there was congratulations on the success of the website from the top state officials as prime minister or head of parliament or minister of higher .An intervention of the assistant teacher Bassim Hamid Director of Website explained for the university president that the work at the website is going on according to affiliation of all employees at the university, and the stages that the website exceeded was going on according to a rapid stream to keep up the World, and within a critical period , the results achieved from the increased number of visitors in record time, which give confidence to the university president to make sure personally of the validate path that adopted by the university . Dr. Hassan Mandeel Arabic language expert and supervisor of the website explained that the website has commenced his duties according to the initiative and dedication of all the workers , and the early stages of starting were not supported by only some who are aware of the volume of technology digitalis, including the university president and his assistants and director of the computer center, because electronic culture were not present properly in that period, and then Dr. Hassan Mandeel Ugaili called the websites administration departments in the university colleges and scientific centers to be dedicated to website administration , and to be directly linked with the Dean , which will provide an opportunity to develop college websites.

  However university oresident in his quest to achieve more successes, explained that he is ready to receive everyone and listen to anyone who wants to develop the university, and that the work would be untraditional to keep up the international progress, but insist that our university should get the finest and best evaluations , thanking the website administration and valuing all good efforts aimed at university and society service, and explaining that the website will receive more support from the university in order to achieve the stability of a new harmony and ambitions, which I thought will acceleration time, we are all confident that the university has the potential and the tremendous capabilities that qualify leadershipon the Middle East level or the world, because our scientific history and ancient civilization make us pioneers of humanity and civilization.

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