University of Baghdad hosts the Expats Certificate Equivalency Examinations of human medicine discipline

The college of science at the University of Baghdad hosted 94 expat students of human medicine discipline who passed their exams in Iraq. The university rector, Prof. Dr. Munir Hameed Al Saadi, accompanied by the dean of the college Prof. Dr. Abdul Kareem Abdul Razzaq Al-Qazzaz, the dean of the college of medicine, Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Shalqi, and Dr. Ali Razzouki inspected the course of the exam, listened to the students’ observations which contribute to overcoming the difficulties and obstacles facing them.

According to preventive instructions approved by the relevant authorities in the High Committee of the Crisis Cell to reduce the Covid-19 pandemic, the college of science examined students pre-exam and sterilized the classrooms to ensure the student safety.

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