Associate rector inspects the course of Expats Certificate Equivalency Examinations

Prof. Dr. Abdul Kareem Al-Samarrai, the associate rector for scientific affairs at the University of Baghdad has inspected recently the course of the Expats Certificate Equivalency Examinations in dentistry and pharmacy disciplines.

Dr. Al-Samarrai visited the college of pharmacy where he was received by its dean, Prof. Dr. Sarmad Qassim Kazim where they followed-up the exam mechanism and the nature of the questions. In the same context, Dr. Abdul Kareem Al-Samarrai visited the college of dentistry and met the dean of the college Prof. Dr. Nada al-Sheikh Radhi, stressing on overcoming all the difficulties if any and maintaining the safety and health of our students. It is noteworthy that 393 expat students of pharmacy & 176 students of dentistry have passed these exams.


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