University rector delivers certificates of participation in IREX program

The rector of the University of Baghdad, Dr. Munir Hameed al-Saadi handed over the certificates of participation of the International Research and Exchanges program for a number of university professors who contributed in this E-learning professional training program sponsored by IREX and the ministry of higher education.

The university team included 36 professors from Ibn Sina units in various university formations who would be the real nucleus through which we will work to train staff and students in this field, especially after the success of this experience in Iraq in general and in our university in particular.

On the other hand, the director of Ibn Sina Center, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sadiq stated that the center is working to develop the reality of e-learning as a priority through developing a plan that requires educational staff to expand the use of online systems & interactive platforms.

It is noteworthy that this program was launched via Zoom application for 6 hours a week where twenty-seven trainees of the university team received the degree of excellence. The ministry of higher education stated previously that e-learning system will not be a temporary solution but has become a central focus of the educational policy and should be adopted in conjunction with the traditional education to support the scientific process in our country.

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