Establishing an International-class Training Centre

Establishing an International-class Training Centre

  According to the educational strategy of Baghdad University in the development of scientific studies and researches, and in line with the adopted approach in the provision of scientific atmosphere and academic environment for the students and professors at the university, the university steps to non-traditional and unique path to catch up the scientific advance that evolves hour after hour. The university should take renewed steps with the time and the last thing the university did in this regard, the signing of a strategic agreement of the establishment of a developed and modern training center in the college of Engineering at the University of Baghdad. This laboratory is considered one of the latest international laboratories, and with standard specifications to train students and develop their mental and intellectual ability in the advanced academic fields , and within the multiple and diverse competence in Engineering, where a contract has been signed to establish a training center in the field of communication between the College of Engineering – University of Baghdad and international Huawei Telecommunication , with the presence of a large number of teachers, students and the media.

  Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi President of the University of Baghdad has signed the contract and the manager of Huawei Telecommunications in the Middle East representing the Chinese side. Deanship of the college of Engineering organized a ceremony hosted by Prof. Dr. Qasim Dos Dean of the college who had a major role in the preparation and establishment of this center and the signing of the agreement in the training and development of the potential of students, and also attended the ceremonial a group of distinctive talented scientific personalities like Dr. Abbas Salimon head of department of Energy and Professor Dr. Saba Jabbar Ni’ma head of Architecture engineering , with a group of best scientists and academics to bless this successful step ,God willing, because of the goodness and support of educational and scientific reality at the University of Baghdad and Iraq as a whole, the fact that this agreement will the positive through graduating students who are able to provide the best services to the homeland.

  The Heads of scientific Departments also attended the ceremony and a number of faculty members and manager of Huawei in Iraq and a number of employees in the company, and because of the importance of this agreement and its vital role several satellite channels and the media of the college of Engineering attended the ceremony in order to cover this important event in the the educational process, because this center is considered the largest training center in Iraq and the Middle East for this company, and represents a quantum leap for students and teachers in the direct contact with the international advanced technology.

  In a statement to Mr. “Philip Zhong” Training Manager at Huawei ,Iraq,Branch explained that the agreement includes all Engineering disciplines of Communications, and Institute of Huawei will bring another advanced technology in the world, and adopted within the curriculum to train and develop the potentials of students, noting his happiness with his colleagues in the Institute of Haowi to provide scientific services to students at Baghdad University. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Qasim Dos Dean of the college of Engineering described the establishment of the Scientific Center as filling the scientific gap to keep up the international advanced technology, where in his a speech during the celebration he explained that the college was and still is seeking to open developed scientific laboratories and create meaningful scientific horizons that contribute to fulfill huge leap forward to follow the advanced world. So our college collaborated with International Huawei of Communications, to create this vital advanced training center, which is supervised by the college and is run by the unit of continuing education. The company will equip the center with the latest equipments and machines and train the specialized faculty members in China, to manage the center as well as it is considered a national achievement for it serves college students, researchers, and graduate students, in addition to that it will open new doors for the training of government institutions staff in the field of communications,

  In an interview with the Manager of Huawei in Iraq , he said that many of the communications companies such as Asia-Cell , Zain and Cork in Iraq were held based on foreign experiences. When asked about the reason of choosing the University of Baghdad ,College of Engineering to establish this center, he answered that The University of Baghdad is considered the first university in Iraq and has long history, and also the presence of 50% of the workers in Huawei in Iraq are graduates of college of Engineering, University of Baghdad.

  Dr. Firas Mohammed manager of continuing education unit, said ,” we started building the first building block of the center ten months ago and committees have been formed in the college to study this national project and Mr. Dean has submitted full support of this project and opened all the doors since the beginning and he facilitated a lot of things and overcome all obstacles faced the project. A number of lecturers have been selected of Ph.D. degree to be trained in China to deliver lectures in this centre after they will be interviewed an in Huawei .Dr. Firas added that this center will serve all sectors of telecommunications in various ministries, including the Ministry of Communications , defense, interior and will add practical experience for trainees in the field of communications .It will grant the trainees international certificate in communications from Huawei It is worth mentioning that this company is the only supplier of each telecommunications companies in Iraq and it will grant scholarships of masters and doctorate at the University of Huawei in telecommunications.

  Dr. Musa Al-Musawi congratulated students and faculty members for this advanced achievement in the development and training, stressing that the educational process at the University of Baghdad will be full of scientific renewable pillars of modern scientific laboratories, God willing, and trainin centers, cooperation agreements , memorandums of understanding with major universities and educational institutions and training in the world. The website team accompanied this important step towards the development of the reality of training, and documented the occasion with a set of photographs.

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