University of Baghdad wins the awards of the Iraqi Science Day 2019

The University of Baghdad hosted a celebration of the Iraqi Science Day 2019 organized by the ministry of higher education and scientific research in the presence of the Director General of the department of research and development, Prof. Dr. Ghassan Abdul Hameed, the associates rector for administrative and scientific affairs and a distinguished academic gathering.

At the onset of this celebration, the university rector Prof. Dr. Imad Hussein Mirza Al-Husseini stated during his speech that we all stand today under the umbrella of science, as the university, its colleges, research centers and members all contribute to the manufacture of approaches that meet the needs of man first and foremost, explaining that the most prominent indicators of the human presence movement has started with the rotation of the wheel of innovation and creativity towards employing things technically. It is noteworthy that this award is given for the best distinguished university and outstanding research published in global scientific journals in 2018.

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