College of language discusses scientific cooperation with the Holy Husseini Shrine

The dean of the college of languages, Prof. Muwafaq Mohammed Jawad Al-Musleh discussed ways of mutual scientific cooperation with a delegation of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine where the two sides discussed matters related to benefitting from the projects of the threshold to serve the academic work and sober scientific orientation, namely the printing projects, publishing houses, translation centers and others after obtaining official approvals from the presidency of the University of Baghdad.

During the meeting, the delegation expressed appreciation for the efforts exerted by the professors and translators which assisted in the success of many cultural and religious events, especially in the field of interpretation and translation of publications. At the conclusion of this visit, the delegation extended letters of thanks and appreciation from the threshold’s Secretary General, Mr. Jaafar Al-Musawi to the Prof. Ali Hussein Abdul Majeed and Prof. Bashar Ma’arj Mizel for their sincere efforts.

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