Professor from the college of administration and economics gets the third place in the Iraqi Science Day competition 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Atheer Abdullah Mohammed from the department of industrial management has won lately the third place in the Iraqi Science Day competition held under the slogan “Iraq honors the creators” whose results were announced by the department of entrepreneurship at the ministry of higher education and scientific research. This award is granted for the outstanding author or translator in the field of administrative and economic sciences where Dr. Atheer participated through his English book entitled: (Integrating talent and knowledge management: Theory and practice).

It is worth mentioning that (2033) professors applied for this competition and the evaluation committees included various researchers from various universities and disciplines, namely (62) appraisers who used an electronic system designed and applied for the first time to take into account the approved controls when calculating the points of trade-offs via a programmatic way to reduce human errors that are expected to occur, especially those related to scientific research indicators, while leaving some criteria to the evaluation committee to decide upon such as those related to economic value and others.

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