Rector of the University of Baghdad attends a meeting of the council of the college of engineering

Prof. Dr. Imad Hussein Marza Al-Husseini, Rector of the University of Baghdad accompanied by his associates for scientific and administrative affairs Prof. Dr. Osama Fadel Abdul Latif and Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Askari attended recently the meeting of the council of the college of engineering chaired by the dean of the college Prof. Dr. Saba Jabbar Neima who welcomed this valuable visit.

During his speech, the university rector stressed the importance of preparing and publishing research in sober international journals in addition to fulfilling the requirements of quality assurance and performing duties sincerely since science and morality are inseparable. The administrative and scientific associates also directed the members to implement the courses system for the current academic year and to pay attention to laboratories, classrooms, equipping them with the latest technological means and achieving justice in contributing all teaching staff in the work of consulting offices and supervision of graduate studies and discussion committees in accordance with the in force regulations of the ministry of higher education and scientific research.

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