Professor from the institute of genetic engineering participates in a conference in Astana Medical University


Dr. Ismail Hussein Aziz, the associate dean of the institute of genetic engineering and biotechnology at the University of Baghdad has participated recently in the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences held at Astana Medical University in Turkey with the participation of international delegations from Asia and Europe with a research paper entitled (A molecular study of the carcinogenic genes (BRAF and NARS) in a sample of Iraqi patients with colorectal cancer) quoted from a doctoral thesis submitted by the researcher Israa Saad Aboud.

During this event, Dr. Ismail Hussein shed light on this disease as one of the most serious and deadly tumors of the digestive system common in Iraq and the world during the past years which is increasing rapidly in Asia with high rates of mortality.

The results showed that there were no mutations in BRAF gene as well as an existence of the NRAS gene sequence for Iraqi patients with colorectal cancer that require a special attention. It is noteworthy that the aim of the conference is open up prospects for scientific cooperation between researchers and exchange of experiences in therapeutic matters.




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