Joint meeting of the committee of experts and heads of branches of biochemistry at the college of medicine 


The branch of biochemistry at the college of medicine organized a unified meeting with the members of the committee of biochemistry experts and heads of biochemistry branches at the colleges of medicine of all Iraqi universities in the presence of the dean of the college, Prof. Ali Kamil Al-Shalji.

The meeting included a lecture given by the head of the branch of biochemistry, Prof. Dr. Hadaf Zafer al-Yassin on some technical, administrative and practical matters related to the course system recommended by the ministry of higher education and scientific research to be implemented at the onset of the current academic year.

The participants reached at a number of recommendations that emphasized the importance of preparation and distribution of the curriculum vocabulary to the teaching staff as well as defining the educational goals of theoretical lectures and the inclusion of the basic pathological conditions (CCPs) to be ready with the beginning of the study year.


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