New genetic mutations recorded in the GenBank


The U.S. National Center for Biotech Information (NCBI) had recorded recently new genetic mutations reached by Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Mahdi Jawad from the department of biology at the college of education for pure and applied sciences (Ibn al-Haitham) via his supervision on a master thesis submitted by the researcher Bedoor Satar Khudair entitled: (Genetic Diversity of Species Daphenia Magna Simocephalus Vetulus in Iraq).

The NIH genetic sequence database has published these three sequences (16s, 18s, COI) of genetic diversity of Iraqi species discovered for the first time in Iraq through a molecular study conducted on these genes which are taken from freshwater crustaceans belonging to the family of Water Flea (Daphnidae) which is considered as the main food for river fish and also important for fish farming.


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