Symposium on the impact of cellular phone towers on human health


Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Amir Mahdi, Prof.Dr. Amina Neima al-Thuwaini and assistant dean for administrative and scientific affairs Assist. Prof. Dr. Ismail Hussein Aziz from the institute for genetic engineering and biotechnology for postgraduate studies at the University of Baghdad participated in a symposium sponsored by the center for research in biotechnology at Al-Nahrain University on (The impact of electromagnetic waves and cellular phone towers on human health).

The symposium aimed to review the serious damage caused by radiation from communication towers on human beings such as the exposure determinants, electromagnetic waves and their consequences on male fertility, incidence of cancer and the government agencies’ role in establishing these cellular towers. At the conclusion of this event, the director of the center Dr. Saad Saleh al-Dejaili distributed certificates of appreciation to the participants for their scientific participation in this regard.


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