Academic cooperation between the computer Center and IBM Corporation


The computer center at the University of Baghdad hosted an online meeting with representatives of IBM Corporation to discuss prospects of scientific collaboration for the sake of training of teaching staff, engineers and programmers at the center, as well as introducing the IBM’s educational curricula in Iraq.

During the meeting, the two sides agreed to conclude various programs including the activation of the work of Skills Academy and the Digital Nation Initiative for the purpose of benefiting from them in laboratory experiments to enhance expertise in specialized institutional applications based on cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cyber security. It was also agreed to launch the procedures of the Center of Excellence after obtaining relevant approvals in order to activate joint research and development in the information technology sector and transforming it into a productive sector that would in turn assist in reaching at the knowledge economy, especially since these steps would prepare students to work according to the needs of the labor market in Iraq and the Middle East and enhance the ranking of our university globally.


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