Minister of higher education chairs a meeting of the university council to review the government program


His Excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research Prof. Dr. Qusai al-Suhail and the Rector of the University of Baghdad chaired a meeting of the university council for reviewing the themes and objectives of the government program of higher education in Iraq. His Excellency stated during his speech that there is a need to develop the government higher education and to restore the position of Iraqi universities in line with their counterparts regionally and globally, stressing on the imperative of diligently improving the academic environment and development of scientific research in Iraqi universities.

He added that the process of improving the quality of performance at the University of Baghdad is a moral and a scientific responsibility towards competition with counterparts in developed countries. He referred that the study courses are a solid scientific system that will provide a positive impetus to the reality of education in Iraq, noting that the current stage witnessing efforts to provide opportunities for foreigners in sober Iraqi universities through the exchange of fellowships and research grants for teaching staff.

In the same context, the minister stressed the need to activate the scientific publishing movement in Iraqi scientific journals by encouraging professors and postgraduate students to publish research in local journals to upgrade them to the ranks of the influential journals, stressing the role of the ministry in communicating with State ministries to solve all the problems and obstacles encountered, pointing that a website was devoted as a portal to communicate with other institutions.

Also the meeting addressed the need to strengthen the Iraqi researcher’s confidence in educational institutions by paying attention to the academic quality factor and the entry of Iraqi universities in world rankings, especially since next year will witness the establishment of an Iraqi ranking of universities. At the conclusion of this meeting, the minister Prof. Dr. Qusai al-Suhail listened to many obstacles faced by the council members and pledging to find appropriate mechanisms to elevate the university’s academic reality.


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