Prospects of cooperation between al-Khawarizmi college of engineering and Babol University of Technology


The dean of al-Khawarizmi college of engineering at the University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Alaa Karim Mohammed received Dr. Mustafa Rahmanji a visiting professor from Babol University of Technology within the Visiting Professor Program and the scientific cooperation agreement between the two sides.

Dr. Mustafa Rahmanji delivered two introductory lectures about Babol University which is one of the top distinguished universities in Iran that has an advanced international ranking with various branches while the other lecture was on fuel cell, renewable energy, sensors and biosensors.  Dr. Mustafa has 6 patents and more than 100 published researches in accredited international journals, as well as 4 books in the field of engineering. On the sidelines of the visit, he was briefed on the scientific departments, laboratories and the scientific reality of the college.

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