Lecturer from the college of education (Ibn al Haytham) participates in an international conference in Jordan


Assist. Lecturer Maysoon Kamal Jalal from the department of chemistry at the college of education for pure and applied sciences (Ibn al-Haytham) participated recently in an international conference held under the slogan (Prospects of the development of scientific research and education in the context of contemporary challenges) at Amman, Jordan with a research paper entitled (Contemporary trends in scientific research). The aim of this paper is to select non-standard fundamentals of the international quality related to the evaluation of professors’ performance and their role in activating their classes.

The researcher suggested some procedures in order to develop and modify the regulations and instructions issued by the ministry of scientific research to raise the barriers of publishing in international journals as well as to develop incentives for scientific citation according to (Scopus) and (ISI) databases also to encourage the Iraqi researchers to collaborate and networking with Arab and foreign scholars.


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