College of law participates as arbitrator in a moot court competition in Lebanon


Assist. Prof. Dr. Luma Abdul Baqi from the department of international law has recently participated as an arbitrator (judge) in the Sixth Arab Moot Court Competition held under the slogan “Arab human rights summit” in Tripoli, Lebanon where she was selected as a court president in a number of sessions.

It is noteworthy that 17 universities from 13 Arab countries have participated in this competition including Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon and Iraq.

At the conclusion of the sessions, Dr. Luma Abdul Baqi was given certificates of appreciation from the administrative and executive head of the center of the Arab Moot Court competition in Kuwait and from the dean of the college of law and political and administrative sciences at the Lebanese University, as well as a symbolic souvenir representing the Lebanese cedar tree in recognition of her outstanding efforts in this competition.