Professor from the college of education for women participates in an international conference in UAE


Assistant Prof. Dr. Dhuha Adel from the department of kindergarten at the college education for women participated in the international conference on social studies and humanities (ICSSH) held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates with a research paper on (The attitude towards women’s work from the student viewpoint at the University of Baghdad). The results have shown that the trend of female students towards work is high as a result of their awareness of the importance of obtaining financial returns in leisure time to support themselves and their families.

One of the most important recommendations given by the researcher is that media should educate mothers through family and social programs that emphasize the importance of work after graduation with reconcile of upbringing of their children through accommodation in government nurseries. Also Dr. Dhuha Adel stressed the role of women in increasing the economic development and luxury in our community.


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