Researcher from the center for international studies participates in a scientific conference at Cairo University


Dr. Alaa Abdul Razzaq Mutlag, a researcher from the center for strategic and international studies at the University of Baghdad participated in the international scientific conference entitled (Scientific Research and Intra-Studies) held and sponsored by the college of arts at Cairo University in collaboration with the college of basic education at the University of Babylon.

During his speech, Dr. Alaa Abdul Razzaq addressed the close relationship existed between politics and anthropology, which comes through the study of political systems and the political process taking place in any country as part of daily human life as well as tracking its development in different societies and how they affect the political events and conflicts and their reflections on social changes throughout history in order to apply the mechanisms of political anthropology to contemporary Iraqi political realities. At the conclusion of this event the Chairman and dean of the college of arts Dr. Ahmed al-Sherbiny honored Dr. Alaa Abdul Razzaq with a letter of thanks and appreciation for his outstanding efforts in the conference proceedings.


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