Workshop on the influence of the Southeastern Anatolia Project on Tigris and Euphrates basin


Assist. Prof. Dr. Nawar Omran Ali, a professor from the department of civil engineering at the college of engineering participated in a workshop entitled “The impact of the Southeastern Anatolia Project on Tigris and Euphrates Basin” sponsored by the Iraqi Society of Engineers as part of the cooperation between the University of Baghdad and civil community institutions. The lecturer talked about the negative effects of this Turkish project at present and future with illustrated pictures and figures, explaining what will happen in the Euphrates and Tigris basin resulting into a degradation of agricultural land and water quality as well as the decline of the Iraqi marshlands, migration of fish and farmers from countryside to cities, the spread of epidemic diseases due to water scarcity and environmental pollution. It is noteworthy that this workshop was attended by the Turkish Ambassador to Iraq Fatih Yildiz as well as members of the Baghdad Provincial Council, the captain of Iraqi engineers and a number of advisers from the ministry of water resources.